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Watch your diagnoses!

This is more of a comment then a question. Early this year I was diagnosed with PTSD.  I agreed with the diagnosis. In July my therapists thought I had DID. By the end of July My DID was gone. Now they are calling it a severe reaction to the PTSD. During July I was having severe flashbacks to something that happened to me when I was three. But because of  the help of my therapists they no longer see any DID . They are calling it an extreme reaction to PTSD. I was having intrusive memories to something I did not remember happening to me until I was in therapy this summer.
Be careful with your labels. They may hurt you later someday. Since July my husband ended up with custody of my 5 kids. Now I am paying lawyers lots of money to get the Doctors and therapists to prove they were wrong that I have PTSD but not DID or any of the 3 or 4 other things my husband created in his mind when we went to court.
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ask for a second opinion k:)
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sorry what your going through  I was diagnosis with PTSD and conversion disorder and CANBDD because what happen to me in my past  can I asked whats DID  thanks
DID is dissociative identity disorder.  Formerly known as MPD multiple personality disorder.  OTOH What is CANBDD  Not familiar with that disorder
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disaccioated identity disorder also mpd
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It is a tough time to deal with PTSD and a divorce! I'm sure that's what ttriggered it. Why did you feel that you had to tell your ex right away about this DX? Did you feel your children were being harm in your care? There are many people who are living with DID and are able to raise healthy children. Yes, you may deal with blackouts, missed time but this doesn't always make a person irresponsible in everything they do. Also, no one has to know what you have! No one! This is all confidentiality with your Dr. If your Dr thinks that you are harmful, you can bet something will be done about it! Best of luck with your children and continue making progress, you are a survivor and will also survive this!
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OMG.  How did he legally use your private medical records against you?  Anyway you have my sincere sympathy.  I had one experience with DID when I was having the worst time of my life Anxiety wise etc.   I wanted to add that I think its good to keep an eye on your DXs for another reason.  I had to compile my health history so when I visited a new doctor it was all there.  I discovered I had been diagnosed with Ocd?  I had no clue.  I did an OCD level study on OCD (how perfect is that?) and concluded my Doctor had me pegged...  SIGH
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