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my boyfriend has PTSD and has broken up with me

My boyfriend has recently been through some traumatic things and now has PTSD. we have been together a few months and he broke up with me this week out of no where. we have been having arguments about little things like jealousy which have been escalating due to his stress with stuff related to the PTSD. He broke up with me, said he still loves me and wants to see me but needs space. What can i do? I miss him and love him so much! i dont want to lose him.
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PTSD triggers loneliness because nobody can be around him but remember that he will be  withdrawn I have PTSD with social impairment because I am now emotionless flat- affect when I went overseas a part of me never came back home so I use my family as a network of support including family interventions I use a journal too so I remember my triggers I also have a brain injury and paranoid schizophrenia since 07 give love a chance :)
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