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what to do about son with asperger's and ptsd wanting to have sex ?

my son is fifteen, began having extreme anxiety issues at twelve and went to live with his father. his father raped him several times and also abused him physically, and threatened him with worse often. I had no idea this was going on until a year anniversary of his stay with his dad. he texted me and told me he was scared then and i didn't know what to say. I went to pick him up, and he has been home with us for almost two years. recently i've noticed he masturbates very often. whenever I am home and his door is closed, I hear him. he has told me that he is feeling scared again, his flashbacks are worsening, and he feels urges to have sex with another boy his age. this boy is coming over tomorrow afternoon and i wonder if I should supervise them, or just let them have sex, as long as the other boy agrees. the problem is mainly that I worry if him having sex will make his flashbacks worse, or is it just him overcoming his fears ?
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it might be an experience hormones and his past as a kid I masterbated a lot too since age 13 to present my libido is extreme talk to him about sex with traditional partners and relationship goals be aware that it is hard to perform sex with PTSD I spent five years twice trying to perform hope this helps k
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don't give him prozac
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Does he see a mental health therapist? If not, he really needs to. I used to work as a clinical social worker and people who have been sexually abused can obsess about sex, it is one of the symptoms. What he went through is traumatic and he is probably not in a place to be making healthy decisions about sex. Seeking out sexual partners can be a way of reaching out to deal with what he went through. However, as a parent, help him make decisions that are responsible and he will feel good about when he looks back. He seems awfully young to be having sex, in my opinion.
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