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wife of ptsd

My husband is a former marine with PTSD and war injuries. He has been "fine" for a very long time. Currently I am two months pregnant. He had a major "flashback" tonight and tore apart my house almost injuring me in the process. Normal mom instinct tells me this is absolutely not ok but military wife tells me it is not entirely his fault. Any advice on how to deal with this?
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This is a really difficult decision you have to make.  Your husband needs to see a doctor if he is not already.  If he is seeing a doctor, your husband needs to tell him what is going on.  Medication can be adjusted, it is not a failure that he is having a major flashback episode, but it needs to be addressed and treated.  

You need to protect yourself and that baby.  Sweet innocent baby who will have enough to deal with when he/she is born into this world, and right now your health trickles down into his/her health and needs to be number 1 on your list of things to do.

Your husband may be ill, that is a given here, but he is after all an adult,
and needs to get some help before you or that baby is hurt.

Good luck to you, let us know how you are doing....

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I agree your husband needs some more therapy assuming he had some when he was wounded , you do need to protect yourself and the coming child. Make an appt for him and get started, may I ask is he on any meds , as sometimes they have aide effects like aggression he may need  a new dosage  or a different med .good luck thank you for the service he gave to our country
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get him to identify his triggers on his own he can teach himself to stay away from these stressors :)
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I am so sorry you are going through this.............I  have ptsd and have injured my husband several times until I got treatment.  Now they have me on medications that help, and I am learning to ID triggers--thanks mostly to you all.  
Please keep us posted.  I don't have the experience of some others  but know we are thinking of you
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Wow you all have such great and helpful things to say. Thank you so much.
Hubby confided in me that he had not gone to his latest appointment at the va and had not gotten a refill on his medication, explains a lot. I talked to him about triggers which I was almost clueless about.
I wish I was more informed of his issue with PTSD before the universe blessed us with our bun in the oven but the universe does work in strange ways.
Thank you all again. This truly helped.
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My husband is a former Marine with ptsd as well. I am currently 9 months pregnant and it has been a struggle through this pregnancy a lot of the changes we had to make to prepare for the baby triggered his ptsd and made things really hard for him. I called the va and they informed me that I can come to his therapy appointment with him once a week and it really helped us. He's doing so much better and I understand some of what he was feeling now. Maybe you should look into attending therapy with him as well
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That's good advice ..I think therapy is definately the way to go especially couples therapy
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