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PTSD and the immune system

I was recently diagnosed with PTSD. I refused all medication that was prescribed, I was diagnosed after having gone to my family doctor after a few trips to the ER. I was found to have had pneumonia in my first visit and three weeks later was back due to bleeding ulcers in the upper gi track. This is when my family doctor started to dig into my psyche a bit. He knew I had lost my father 6 months prior in what was a tragic manner. He first asked how I was sleeping, then after telling him I wasn't and that I hadn't been for some time due to streaks of insomnia, he then asked what was eating at me. So I told him. Anyway, after testing negative to the bacteria that causes my ulcer, he said he believed it was stress induced. He then asked me a series of questions, which I didn't know where symptoms of ptsd, I simply thought he could read my mind lol. Anyway since then, I have had multiple things happen to me. I am 25 years old and very healthy. Competing at a professional level in combat sports... Then at once I start having health issues. First it was pain in my lower back and nerves in legs. Then pneumonia, ulcers, and finally a staph outbreak that consumed my entire body. My question is, I've never dealt with anything that didn't heal quickly and without medical intervention. Since the passing of my father, my health has seemingly went down hill. What are the effects stress and ptsd have on the immune system and central nervous system? And could this really be the underlying issue behind all this misery?
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