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Did they do this on purpose? Is something wrong with me? What can I do?

I got 2 negative urine tests saying none of my meds were in my system.
I take my meds as prescribed everyday 2 times a day.
I was required to come every 2 weeks and see a psychiatrist and I did.
I don't drink,smoke or do illicit drugs.I have psoriatic arthritis.
Been going to clinic 3 years.
They cut off meds but will still do spinal injections.
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If you failed twice, there is little you can do. If you are taking the meds exactly as prescribed, typically most PM offices use an in office positive or negative, and then send the test out for confirmatory testing, which looks at actual levels .
It would be highly unlikely that gc/ms testing would be a false negative. It measures the metabolites of the medications in the body.
That is what happened. How could I not have any metabolites if I take my meds everyday and have been for months on this med when they took opana off the market. Either the lab made mistakes or there is a physical problem in my body. I took my meds.
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Did the office just do an in office screen or did they send the urine out for testing? Opana is oxymorphone, which is a synthetic opioid, not a traditional opiate. In office screens have a cut off threshold, which is different depending on the test used. The cut off threshold determines what levels must be present for a positive or negative.
IF they didn't send the urine out for confirmatory testing, then you may be able to get a retest, but even then, depending on how much time has passed it may not help.
I used to take opana but they took it off the market and I was put on morphine sulfate er, that is the drug that tested negative. It was either false negatives both and they did send it to a lab or they set me up just to take me off the opioid. I know it sounds crazy for me to think they would set me up but it is even crazier to me to be accused of selling my meds to take other opioids. I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT TAKE STREET DRUGS OR ABUSE MY MEDS!!!  Sorry but I did nothing wrong and I struggle everyday.
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I don't know if this will help you or not, but here's an article that lists 15 drugs that can cause a false positive drug test.  

Unfortunately I didn't have false positive, I had false negatives.
Sorry, I misunderstood.  Glad you're having your Primary Care dr check this out for you~
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A false positive happens in screens in office depending on the test, false negatives are far rarer and are usually sent out for confirmatory testing first.
Mine were sent out but they were absolutely false. I am seeing my primary care to find out if there is a medical reason possible. I do have a rare metabolic disorder that has been somewhat messed up lately. I don't know if that could cause it but it can affect my urine.
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Did they check off oxymorphone (opana) or morphine on the lab slip? Oxymorphone (Opana) is a semi-synthetic opioid, unlike morphine which is an opiate.
If there was an error is the test request, that could explain the false negative.
Btw, Opana is available in generic form- oxymorphone hcl ER by globabal pharmaceuticals. I know because I take it currently.
My pharmacy would not prescribe it and told me to stop, then my insurance quit carrying it.
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