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Buying a puppy to get my mind off of the pain

Hey ya'll.  It's been a while since I've posted here, but I'm still in severe chronic pain and working with PM and trying to find a way to make the pain better.  I've wanted a dog for the last 10 years, but hubby is not a fan of dogs.  I didn't want to get a puppy without him being okay with it.  After being in severe chronic pain for a year, hubby decided to surprise me and get me a large kennel for mothers day!  YAY!  I did buy a golden retriever a few weeks ago, but it ended up attacking me several times, my daughter, my neighbor and then the breeder saw how vicious she was when I brought her back a week later.  I am looking for another golden retriever. :)  The week the puppy was here made my days go by very fast.  Since I'm up most of the night, makes the potty training go much eaiser for a puppy.  Funny thing about that is, hubby didn't want me to bring her back.lol  Despite Bailey being so mean, he really liked her.

I'm starting over with the ESI's and the nerve blocks after surgery.  I'm 3 months post op of a fusion which has not helped with the neck pain one bit.  However, the surgery has helped the migraines.  The pm is now thinking I should of had a multi level fusion to fix all three discs instead of the singal fusion where the spinal cord was compressed.
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Are you going to try a get another dog?  I have no idea what is going on with you, but you can get dogs that are trained for people with special needs (no offense meant about the special needs part) The reason I was thinking that kind of dog was because they are trained to be careful and that might be something that might be easier for you and your family.  Because if you pain issues the last you need is a dog pulling on you when you are trying to take the dog for a walk. Or just get a regular dog and start working with a trainer from day one.  Dogs do help keep you mind off stuff and it has been proven that they do give humans a better quality of life.
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Yes, I'm going to get another dog. :D  I will train the dog not to pull before he/she gets too big.  Golden Retrievers are suppose to be very easy to train.
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