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Can doctor block me from getting my prescription before I fill it due to bad drug test?

I have been going to pain management for a little over a year.I have never been asked to take a urine test until this past week. Unfortunately, I know I will not pass. I had run out of my meds a few days earlier and had smoked some pot to get me through till my next script. The test was on Monday, and the nurse said that they send the urine to California (I'm in North Carolina) to be analyzed. My question is, if they get the results back before I fill my script on Saturday, can or will they be able to block me from getting it somehow? I don't have insurance and I'm not sure if they have my pharmacy on file. I'm just really worried that I won't be able to get my meds. I am also worried about the future of my relationship with my pain management doctor, but I don't see him for another three months, so I have a bit longer to deal with that. Please help, I am so worried that I can barely concentrate on school.
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I might be totally off base, but I'm wondering if the reason the nurse called you so quickly after your test is maybe they do at least some kind of testing in their office to get a quick reading of what might be in the urine sample??  I know there are over the counter type test kits that anyone can purchase even at their local Walmart - I don't know exactly what drugs they are sensitive for in testing, but perhaps their office keeps some of those kind of tests on hand?  Even if they haven't tried to contact you again about it, it could be that they DID do some sort of testing like this in the office, but are waiting on the lab results to confirm their own results.

Like I said, I might be totally off base with that idea but it was just a thought.

You may still try calling your doc's office and explaining what you've had to do with upping your dose and also about the marijuana use.  What is the reason for waiting until Monday to do that?  The sooner you do it, the better - if you wait, they may also take that as you are trying to hide something from them.

I agree with Sandee that you should consider finding another doctor who WILL listen to you when you say your pain is not sufficiently controlled.  I also agree that this will not be easy if your current doctor puts anything in your chart regarding the positive drug test.  And again, I also agree that you need to be able to find some way of handling your pain without having to resort to an illegal substance.

I urge you to make that phone call to your doctor's office NOW and not wait.  It may not change the outcome, but it's still better than waiting for the test results to come in and then having to explain things.

Best of luck and keep us posted!
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I definitely realize how serious this is. Like I said in an earlier post, the worst part of this for me is knowing that the Dr will think badly of me. I am just hopeful that I can convince another doctor out there that I made a mistake and am willing to change my behaviors. I'm going to try to come clean to my Dr. this week and however unlikely it is, maybe he will give me another chance. I guess that my best chance to keep the script is to move to a new pharmacy, since I'm only 80% sure that I hadn't given my doctor my new pharmacy info. However, if I haven't heard from the doctor by Friday, do you think it would be safe to go to my regular pharmacy?
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I took your advice and called the Dr. just now. The receptionist said that he would give me a call back later today. I am so nervous. I just hope that by telling him before he gets the results back will maybe show him that I am earnest about being sorry. *sighs* So scared guys.
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Just curious, have you see an orthopedic for your knee problem?
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Good for you with making that phone call!  I'm sure you are scared and nervous about talking to your doctor, but it's definitely the right decision and could help the outcome.  Even if his office regulations "require" that they dismiss you after a positive urine test, maybe he'll at least put a note in your chart that you told him about the usage and are truly sorry and want to try another way to handle your pain.

Try to keep your chin up!  We're all here for you!
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To Totie- Yes, that is who recommended me to the PM. They did all sorts of test and couldn't come up with anything. They said that I had a little degeneration of the tissue in my knees, but it shouldn't be causing me that big of a problem. I have always had an extremely low tolerance to pain, so maybe it is just something minor that feels much more major to me. Oh the pain scale of 1-10 it's usually a 6 or a 7 when sitting, and a constant 9 when moving around or standing. I haven't been able to pay to go to my orthopedics since my insurance ran out, so I don't really know if anything has changed or not. It sure doesn't feel like it has.

And to geminigirl1963, thank you so much for the support. I definitely know that this is the right thing to do, but it is still super scary. I'll fill you all in after my doc calls.
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