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Chronic Nerve/Central Pain w partial Cervical SCI

Are there any emerging treatments for burning nerve pain ... also "rivers of electricity" running through body ... feel like plugged into a grid.
More pronounced after after bending forward for a time to read/write/use computer ... Also difficulty judging accurate placement of feet/hands .. need to give attention to the movement to direct a more smooth/less clumsy outcome ...
This has slowed overall function to 1/3 of previous .. plus fatigue factor with more "consious" parallel processing instead of relying on feet to walk when you decide to .. getting harder to push up from sitting and walk .. I push onto stick with one hand .. other surface with opposite hand ... then when standing consciously steady myself before stepping forward.
Typing hurts fingertips and all surfaces that skin contacts ... both burning increased and pressure of limb weight. At times my legs feel too heavy to walk up stairs with .. puffing by the top.
Have L3,L4,L5 disc protusion/changes .. But also iintial L shoulder injury which recently hurts right  round top of arm/torso with arm moves .. esp with  reach/carry.
Neck is primary area - fused C2-C6 [spontanous screw migration 2yr after non-stable  C3-C6 fusion] ... 10 yr later again unstable, so 2005, C5-C7 fusion+laminectomy to free damaged spinal   cord.  Burning, allodynia, parasthesia have increased in spread/extent/effect on function and  pain "noise" interference with clarity and speed of cognitive function.
Recently burning even in scalp, feel roots of hairs, and top of back, front torso neck to solar plexus area burns. Saliva dries up and nasal mucosa, eyes searring even fogs my glasses sometimes. Feet hand legs arms neck lymph swelling-some relief if laser 900mu weekly & daily self massage[hard w allodynia].use hypnosis,meditation, brain wave entrainment,acupuncture.
Can the Panel Please assist/comment .. I am a Health Professional who has worked in Rehab of SCI & palliative care, pain & stress management. I have lectured & published in mind-body techniques application to bring ease/comfort. I am now at an impasse .. greatly reduced from the active/contributing person I was ~ A loss that is hard to just accept, even w mindfulness
Please comment with Links, or Email direct/My sincere thanks ~ J
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Hello and welcome to the Pain Forum.

I'm sorry, you sure have a lot going on in regards to your cervical area. Have you ever been tested for MS ? Many of your symptoms point to the possibility. Are these new symptoms?

I have just had a family member diagnosed with MS and the similarities are very close to what you have going on. I realize that you have an extensive history in the cervical area but I'm wondering if it wouldn't be a bad idea to have some Brain imaging like an MRI w/ contrast. Specifically looking for any lesions you might have.

Of course, I am not an expert in this area, it's just when symptoms match my family members, it makes you wonder if there isn't something more going on than just the cervical area acting up.

It's also possible that with all the cervical problems, you have acquired some intense nerve damage. In fact, it's almost a given with your condition.

My opinion would be to investigate further with extensive testing. Keep at those Doctors, you are your best advocate.

My best,
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I have had the exact same symptoms for 15 years.  Burning pain on my skin, rivers of electricity flowing through my arms, legs, neck, and face, tight red skin.  Wearing a shirt, sweater, suite, taking a bath, shaving are all incredibly painful.  Touch is out of the question.  I also have migraines so intense, that the room shakes and I vomit.  Bending over, such as reading, or working on a computer for as little as 15 minutes triggers both the allodynia, numbness, migraines, and vomiting.  I have tried Savella, but the side effects (prostate problems, urination impossible, rapid heart beat of 160/90, and fatigue are just to much).  I've also tried Lyrica, but slept for two days with the lowest possible dose.  I have absolutely no life, no future, and just desperately need to die.  Is there anyone who can put me out of my misery permanently?  
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