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Computer trouble and Ipads -- opinions?

I think I'm going to have to get a new computer :((  This laptop is on its last legs I think.  Won't turn on and then will randomly.  Other times, I'm in the middle of typing something and it dies and I lose everything.

Of course, my problem is the budget.  I've had various brands of laptops and desktops over the years.  No matter what virus protection I put on, we still end up with all kinds of problems:  pop-ups, running slow, etc.  My BF says it's because of all the crap the kids do on the computers.

Now, I also need to get a new laptop for Olivia, who's leaving for college in about 3 weeks.  She wants a MacBook and I do too.  We've had no trouble with viruses, etc., with either the MacBook or the IMac.  Problem is it's just too much money and I don't have it.

The Ipad isn't that expensive.  Olivia says it won't work for her for college for whatever reason.  But I think it might for me. I only use it for researching things, Facebook, email, and a few sites (like this) that are lifesavers for me.  I thought maybe I'd get me the Ipad and get her whatever laptop is on sale (not a Mac) just to get her through a few months until I can afford to get her the MacBook.  I figure it wouldn't be too much of a waste because when she gets the new MacBook, one of the other kids could have her laptop.

I'm wondering if any of you have any experience with the Ipad and do you like it?  I am probably THE MOST computer-challenged person you'll ever meet.  I've tried looking at it online and it seems like it will do what I need it to.  

Any suggestions?  The past few days I've been going crazy with the problems with this one.

I'm probably like a lot of people ... due to the CP, my sleeping is erratic and I'm up at all times.  Because I'm so tired and probably because of the medication, my focus and attention isn't always there ... so reading books or watching movies isn't something I do much anymore.  I tend to watch shorter shows and read magazines instead.  Having a dependable laptop is such a lifeline for me.

Thanks for any suggestions anyone may have.
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My opinion is bias since I am a faithful mac fan. So of course I'm going to say get the ipad. But in all seriousness that ipad sounds like exactly what you need. I wont buy one because I already have a MacBook and iphone so it would seem sort of useless to me. But for just browsing the internet and having all of those apps is worth the price alone. There are so many free apps that do so many amazing things that it's hard to even use anything else once you've used a Mac product.

When I bought my MacBook I asked the guy at Fry's if he had one that someone had returned but never used. He checked in the back and they had one that was $60 off retail. I just got the MacBook which is the least expensive Mac at $999.00. So that saved me a good deal with tax and stuff. Which was great because spending 1k on something is crazy to me so bumping it down to under 1k felt much better to me especially since I had saved for months to buy it.

I would say that if you're a Mac fan get the ipad. If not than you can get a laptop for about the same price that of course will do more things but will probably crap out on you in a few years. I've never had a single problem with any of my Mac products. And the ipad sounds great for what you want.
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Thanks for the help.  I'm definitely leaning towards the Ipad for me.  I'm not sure why my daughter says it won't work for her.  But I think the lowest price version is $499.  Knowing it will work for many years without any problems with viruses makes me think it's worth it.  If my daughter really wants to go with a new MacBook, she's going to have to wait a bit.  I just can't pay over a grand right now.  So her options are going to be an Ipad or a cheapo laptop fora couple of more months until I can get her the one she needs.  I'd rather not go with the cheapo laptop because I know we'll have problems.

My brain just doesn't get the computer stuff :)  I don't really know the differences of what they all do, like what does a MacBook or other laptop do that the Ipad doesn't?  The Ipad also looks very attractive to me because of its size and weight.  My hands are so painful that something that small and light will be a big plus for me.

I can't understand, though, if Apple can make a product that has so few problems, why can't other companies?

I never thought of asking for one that was returned (or a floor model, I guess.)  I think I'll check that out as well.  Any savings at all is really helpful at this point.
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She probably doesn't want to use it because of several things. Probably the on screen key pad and maybe the lack of "office" type software. I've never used an ipad so I'm not sure what type of features it comes with. I bought an Acer before my Mac and it was about $600.00, which would be a lot cheaper now. I still have it and it runs great and I've had it for almost 3 years. So you can get a cheap laptop that works well. Have you thought about getting her a net book for now? Sometimes you can find them for as low as $200 and they are basically smaller laptops.

The difference between a laptop and an ipad is the ipad is basically a big iphone, not really a laptop. The laptop is a mini version of a desktop that you can take anywhere so it can do everything a desktop can do. The ipad is a tablet which is designed to be used with online media like magazines, movies, internet and apps. So you can't install software on it that's not made by Apple and does not come from their app store. With a laptop you can install whatever you want.

The one drawback to Apple is they only want you to use their software and make it almost impossible to use 3rd party software unless it's been approved by Apple. But since you don't know much about computers, you would really have no need for it unless you're really going to miss Microsoft Word, but they have a version of Microsoft office in the app store. For you you need simple and the ipad is simple.
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I wouldn't buy the ipad in place of the computer.  There is no keyboard and typing is a pain.  It's a cool gadget, but only in addition to a computer.  I just got myself an itouch and it's a smaller version of the ipad.

I'd much rather buy a computer.
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Well you can buy a keyboard for it and a stand so you don't have to hold it in your lap. The onscreen typing gets really easy after a few days. If someone wants it for just internet and can afford to spend $500 its great because you can take it anywhere on AT&T's 3g plan. I basically use my MacBook for just internet so I paid a thousand dollars for something that I could have gotten for $500 with the ipad. I will agree that it's a cool gadget but if you have a computer already there is not point in owning it. I can do everything on my iphone that you can do with the ipad so that's why I wouldn't buy it.

btw if you can't tell i'm a big computer nerd so if you have any tech questions I can almost always help
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I t hink that you need to go to a store and try it in person.  I would think with the problems that you have with your hands that a keyboard would be mush better for you than the iPad. I would think that it is going to jam your thumbs up in the way that you might need ot use them.

Just try it first as I'd hate for you to waste your money and not be able to comfortably use it....:)

Thinking of you and hope you are doing better.......Mama Sherry
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I think your laptop needs a new battery or charger, my new old Dell ( from last year) did the same thing. I took in in to be repaired and it needed a new battery as it was out and the charger would not charge or keep the laptop on because it kept recognizing the battery as needing to be replaced. You can save yourself alot by having this repaired it wasn't but 25.00 plus the battery to have fixed. You can get both batteries and chargers online cheap. Also you can run a program called finally fast.com and it will speed your computer up. I did the program with my old desktop which was purchased in 1999 and it was awesome. It made the computer run better than it ever had.
I see Radio Shack has their emachine for 199$ this week. My Son got my husband an emachine laptop for father's day and it is a good computer. He only paid 450 for it.
The ipad is okay, my Son has one but we also both have had problems with our iphones touchscreen going out and when this happens it makes the iPhone useless as you can't access anything. To repair the iPhone touch screen it cost 200.00!
So imagine if the ipad touch screen goes out then you can't use it and to repair it would cost a pretty penny.
I have a new Dell and it crashed and I had to reload all the recovery disc and for some reason it did not load the drivers so I have no network adapters to access internet. Sara offered to help fix it but I haven't had the time to sit down and do it:)
I would definitely check your battery and charger before replacing your laptop and then run the finally fast program, you'll have a new computer just about. The laptop at Radio Shack is nice for 199.00 take a look at their new ad this week on their website.
Good luck:)
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Thanks everyone for the input.  I'll check out all the suggestions.  And if I end up with an Ipad, I'll probably get a keyboard as I'm not sure how well I'd manage just typing on the screen.  But the Ipad does sound like it would meet my needs.  I really only use the computer for browsing on the net.  If I need to do anything else, I have the desk tops.

I wish I could understand all the computer stuff but I just can't. My brain doesn't work that way at all.

Before I do anything, though, I will check out the battery issue.  The charger is fairly new but I had read there had been problems with them.  But I know it isn't just the charger that's the problem because it should still run since the computer's been fully charged and it doesn't.  I'd much rather have a $25 problem than have to buy a new laptop.  Then I can get princess exactly what she wants without her having to wait a few months.
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mellie, you aren't alone.  I've had my Toshiba Satellite for 5 years and it's time for a new one.  One of my dogs trashed the keyboard a couple years ago - kept slapping it trying to get my attention - so I've used an add-on keyboard ever since.  I have so much research data on it that I have to clear the internet cache and defrag daily or it takes 5 minutes to load a new web page.  The battery is shot and I frequently get the blue screen of death so it's time to look for a replacement.  Even worse, after last year's flood I lost most of the software CDs and documentation with license numbers and such, so it's going to be a horror to get those licenses transferred to a new machine.

I don't know if this is typical of Best Buy stores, but the employees at my local store have proven very knowledgeable and helpful.  There is also a Geek Squad desk in the store and they are lifesavers.  Since you aren't a computer techno nerd, use their expertise to help you find the right machines for you and Olivia.  That's what they're there for after all.  

I also suggest that you spend the extra money to have Geek Squad or a similar outfit set up the encrypted router security.  So many people go out and buy a laptop, set up their remote communications and never look back.  Their computers are wide open for a hacker attack and without that security it's very easy for people within router range to use the internet service that you pay for at no cost to themselves.  They can also set up your computer with more effective firewall software than is provided by Microsoft so you won't have the constant problems with pop ups and viruses.  

Keep the new machine for yourself and save the old one for the kids to mess around with.  Kids always download crazy games and apps, and those kinds of apps are notorious for causing computer problems.  It may be cost-effective to have someone like Geek Squad clean up the old computer.  You can probably get a couple more years use out of it if for nothing else than to keep the kids happy.

We always ask for volume discounts for purchases of this magnitude and can usually get 10% off.  Managers at Best Buy and Lowe's usually don't bat at eye at the request, particularly if we pay cash.  Cash saves the store the credit card fee on the transaction which is usually over 10% these days.  Them's that don't ask, don't get.  LOL!
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