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I Started getting extremely bad cramps about a year ago, I'm 14 And have had my period since i was 9. The cramps get so bad i cant walk.
What can i do to get rid of this pain?
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Also I'll get hungry, but then i'll be too sick to eat.
I was hungry so i got uup to make pancakes and by the time they were done i was too sick to eat them
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Hello Amber,

  I am 39 now and I have felt the same way you feel for as many years as I can remember. The pain is terrible! The periods are awful! The real kicker is this: I can't imagine that a doctor really has the faintest clue of the severity of pain.
   I suffered long and hard when I was in school. I was the only kid I know that got a 5 day pass from school every month. (Although the first day was the really rough one)

  Here is some real tips that won't hurt you unless you are allegeric to over the counter meds.. Please check with your mother for allergies and have her read this forum before preceding with any care.

  1) If you know the day of your period then take IBUPROFEN 400 mg (2 Tabs) immediately. A doctor can prescribe you heavier doses and you REALLY  NEED to tell him or her to get that regimen started. IBUPROFEN is the king of all cramp killers. Take the meds as prescribed on the bottle and by your mother/physician all day.

  2) Prepare yourself for that day. Don't plan on doing anything that first day

  3) Another paramount need.Buy a heating pad. Use medium setting only, DO NOT PUT THIS THING NEXT TO YOUR SKIN.. But when the cramps start, put the pad on the uterus part of your stomach and relax.

  4) Hot water is another king cramp killer! If the cramps have got you and you have that "I can't stand it, will everybody go away" thinking. It's time for hot water. Fill the tub with hot water, not hot enough to burn you , don't worry about blood in the water, this is relief we are talking about here. Sit and lay back and prepare for the best pain relief EVER! If I could do my business from the tub on my period days the world would be a better place.

  5) Please, please, please tell your Mom and work with her on getting to an OB/GYN. You need some other things that will help you get this under control. They can help. I PROMISE.

Have a great day Amber and I hope your next month is better.

From someone who's been there too many times.
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