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DUI while taking LEGAL prescription medications

I was pulled over for not being the best driver I guess or maybe I was admittedly rubber necked a little to see what the cop was doing since there is a lot of crime around the area I was in... but, point is,

I take Legal prescription drugs due to a long list of medical problems such as; Plate in my neck, recent knee surgery (2 months ago), carpel tunnel in both hands, plus surgery on Right wrist one 1 month ago (both knee and wrist still swollen) and other general chronic pain back issues along with fibromyalgia and peripheral neuropathy in all limbs.  

Anyway, on a day I was so busy I forgot to take many of my medications I was pulled over and assumed DUI.  They had me remove my knee brace, and do many tests that I obviously didn't do well on some due to my condition and the fact I'm 55 not a kid that has better balance!  I was arrested and put in jail overnight, not to mention treated like I just murdered someone. VERY SCARY!  My urine test should show some positive results as I take Norco, Soma and Lyrica which my pain management tests regularly to make sure I am taking all that crap.  Without which I would be a mess!  How will they verify DUI -vs- just normal medication I'm prescribed to take and have been taking for several years with no problems.  I did admitted I had taken 1/2 of a soma and 1/2 of a Norco 3 1/2 to 4 hours prior to being pulled over!  For me, that's nothing!  Yet I am a little high strung due to bipolar II disorder, but I wasn't slurring words, just asking what and why they were doing all this!  In addition, I learned it's a felony to carry medications for the day in a misc bottle, even  bladder control medication that isn't in the "controlled substance" category! WOW!  Please help me understand what I am facing :(   By the time they finished the testing it was about 6 1/2 hours later and past my bedtime so I was exhausted to top it off!
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I second philnoir: *definitely* get an attorney.

After getting an attorney, you may even want to discuss (with said attorney) the possibility of reporting any Police Misbehavior to their Superintendent (Internal Affairs) -- if, and a big if -- they really treated you badly.

Police departments DON'T LIKE bad publicity -- it doesn't look good for them if they are "rough-handling" someone in your situation.

You won't want just any attorney, get a good referral to someone who specializes in pain medication. Actually, Pain Management Clinics probably know some good attorneys! :-)

Here's something to put your mind at ease.

Imagine the worst case scenario (the one where it doesn't just "all go away and vanish") and you are in the courtroom, in front of the Judge: you explain the pain you are in, you show him your knee brace, and you show him all your medical records, and the rough life that you have. What judge is NOT going to say "Oh my goodness, someone in your condition shouldn't have been made to even have to be here in a courtroom."

This type of matter may appear to consume every waking minute of your life for a certain period of time. But, I promise you... a little ways into the future, you will look back and this will NOT even be a "blip!" (By the way, attorneys know this, that is why many are very cocky. A good one will take very good care of you.)
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You're going to have to get an attorney.

Give him these results:





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