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I don’t know what to do and I’m scared to death, please help!! I have been going to PM for 6 years now.. In April they called to do a random urine drug test the nurse could tell I was very sick so she told me they will get with me another time (I was seen by my PCP also and I had strep) so when I went to my PM in May they ripped me up and down about missing and that I would be scheduled every month I come in to get my RX I will have to take a UA drug test which was fine I have nothing to hide.. In May and June I passed the UA well when I went last week (July) I did another one as I knew I would and they called me yesterday saying I tested positive for the end affects of Ritalin, I was speechless I have NEVER taken that EVER!! I was seen in the ER 5 days prior for major pain and was given a few different IV pain meds I have racked my brain thinking how is this possible, why is it my system?!! I went to my PCP today to explain what just happened my PCP is amazing and I even took a volunteer blood drug test for them today because I know I didn’t do anything wrong.. PM called and said there is NO WAY it could be anything else because there test cost $2,500 and are a forensic drug test.. How is this even possible they are now saying I am fired and I will have to go above their board members with my PM doctor to prove my case or some BS like that.. today I did get an attorney that I meet with next Tuesday.. What can I do, what is gonna happen I have never been arrested or have ever had other meds show in my system, I am so sick and stressed out, please help with any info?!!!
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Pain meds would not break down into amphetamine metabolites. They are two entirely different categories of drugs.
Hopefully, the blood test if it was done within 3 days of the urine test will show your claims.
Testing sent out, has chromotography/mass spectrometry seldom result in false negatives or positives.
Your paperwork from the hospital should list every medication given to you and the amounts.
Thank you, I just honestly don’t know what to do I did not take it.. Why do I have to go infront of a board, what will happen to me?
It depends. If I were you I would obtain a copy of that report. See exactly what it says, what it shows.
Assuming the blood test comes back confirming you didn't use ritalin, then I would bring it with you.
Have you ever failed a urine test previously, requested early fills, run out of meds prior?
They may decide to offer other treatments, just not opiates, or they may restrict you supply to a week or two at a time, or they can outright dismiss you.
Thanks and no I have never messed up have always went by rules.. and I live 1.5 hrs away so weekly won’t work nor do I even wanna stay since they have put me through all this.. I also haven’t even got a letter of dismissal yet and it’s been 6 days? Also, I have always been there when they seal my UA to send out and this time I didn’t not sure what to think?
The best option is to obtain the second results , obtain a copy of both reports. Assuming the 2nd test confirms you don't have amphetamine metabolites, AND it was done within the window to detect  the levels that the urine screen was, it may prove your claim.
That's the best you can hope for .
You need to know exactly what the first test showed, actual levels, and what the second test showed or didn't.
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