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ER issue

This is my first post on this site. Howdy. I have been with a pain management doctor for a little over 3 months now for spinal stenosis and other disc issues. My question is what is the best medication for extended relief. The doc has me on 10/325 generic Percocet and 15mg of morphine sulfate. I am still in constant pain and my next appointment is 2 days from now. Is there a possible increase in dosage that might help or should I ask for another med?
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Definitely talk to your pain Dr about this. He/she needs to know the medication is not helping much at all. Yes, you may get more relief with an increase or you may have to try another medication.
How often are you taking your meds? That's another thing to talk to your Dr about. If you're taking them say every 6 hours you may need to take them every 4 hours.
If your Dr decides to increase the mgs of your meds they will most likely do it slowly, maybe 5 mgs at a time.
You're in pain management to get pain relief. You have to be honest with your Dr and tell them that you are still in a great deal of pain and you're willing to do dosage adjustments or try something different altogether.
We're always here to help any way we can. Welcome to this forum. I think you will find the members to be very nice and caring.  
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The pain of lumbar spinal stenosis can be quite severe. There is no "best" pain medication for all.

Finding the best medications for you and titrating to proper doses requires close doctor/patient communication, and an experienced pain manager.

Learn to keep a pain diary that will document the effectiveness of your medication regimen.

Also, there are other treatments available for lumbar stenosis that may be more effective than medication. Learn about your disease and available treatments.
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By the way, neither oxycodone 10/325 or morphine sulfate 15mg are extended relief or ER medications.

OxyContin or MSContin are both 12 hour, extended relief formulations of oxycodone and ms, respectively.

Perhaps you mean that you're using 15mg MSContin twice a day, with the Percocet 10/325 as needed for breakthrough pain?

If you are unclear, read the labels. If you are still confused, ask your doctor.
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