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FYI: Tuckamore's Information

Hi Everyone!

I haven't posted anything on the Forum in a long time, but this is information that needs to be given to the entire Pain Management Forum as a reminder of the WONDERFUL work that our CL Tuckamore gives to this Forum EVERYDAY!   She just posted (on her Journal about the American Pain Foundation.  This is VERY IMPORTANT  information that ALL of us need to read!  PLEASE go to her Journal and read this.  It affects us ALL!

As many of you know, Tuck and I are not only Friends here on MH but also in "real" life.  In fact, I just returned from spending 3 WONDERFUL weeks with my "Best Friend" and her , GREAT Husband in beautiful Florida.  This was not my 1st trip by any means but was my 3rd trip since we 1st met on here in 2010.  The reason I'm telling you all this is to let you know that EVEN tho she is in TREMENDOUS PAIN everyday, she works relentlessly, looming up all types of information on the Internet that will be of interest and be of benefit to us all here on MH.  She doesn't get the recognition that she deserves and I just want you all to know how far above and beyond this woman goes for us all on here.  :)  (She's ALSO, one of the kindest people I have ever known in my entire life and I'm NO "spring chicken" as my Dad and Mother would say.)  LOL!  

Tuck, we THANK YOU and we LOVE you for what you do for us all on MH!   :)       Luv u and LUCKY to call you "My Friend",    Sherry :)
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I think the world of Tuck. She really is a true angel. We started talking just a few months ago even though we're both long time MH members. We became fast friends and like you Sherry, I feel very lucky to call her my friend.
I hope you two girls had the best time together. I know it must have been so hard when you had to leave but hopefully you will get to visit again soon.
Your story is an amazing one. Not many people meet on websites and become best friends in real life. It happened to me too though with my dear friend, David.
I'm so glad you and Tuck met. The two of you are a lot alike. Both of you are very caring and sweet women.
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Tuck is an amazing woman and so incredibly knowledgeable.  She always answers each post intelligently and with compassion.  We are all so lucky.to have her.
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Y'all are too kind my dear friends,.

It's everyone in this community that makes it so informational, supportive - and as you two just proved, kind and giving. Thanks you soo-oo much.

Your words humble me.  Bless you both.

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I agree with above posts. Tuck is very helpful and seems to be an overall great human being. Thanks tuck for all you do!!!
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Your words also humble me. I am not all that!

WE - and I mean WE - make this community what it is. We all have our own special gifts, including information and support that adds to this forum.

But Bless you too for your kind words.

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This is a wonderful tribute to a wonderful helping, caring, person.  Thank you so much for sharing this.  I hope others will see and add to this. Tuck deserves all of the accolades for helping others when she herself is in pain.
I was just passing by and noticed this.  It is beautiful
Thank you all for your beautiful show of love and support
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I never post in in this community but I read all of her posts, she is great.

My iPad does not work with this format or would say more

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Thank you so much Dee and Mzkity.

Please stop in more often - come and join us. Y'all are welcome here any time.

I'm like all the other CLs in MH. I do my best to help others. As our threads will reveal I have a lot of great help. These members make this a rewarding adventure.

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We thank you , Community Leader Tuckamore, for helping our members every day!

Best in health,

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Golly!  Now I'm even more humbled.

Thank you for the gracious words.

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