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Follow Up Question From My Question Last Month.

Hi all! Follow up question from last month, thanks for all of the amazingly kind responses. Everyone on here is the greatest! <3

Background info: I have been on Norco 7.5/325 or 10/325 for almost 3 years. Up until last month, my doctor has always flip-flopped my dose depending on if I have more pain or not. We have always had a great relationship and I love him to death! :) I have always used CVS (varying CVSes due to them frequently being out of my medication). Typically, in the past, I would always verify the fill date several times before filling. For a while, I was using both a CVS close to my doctor's office and one close to my house, I had lucked out that either one or the other had my medication for a couple months (I was so happy that I didn't have to drive around!) However, last month, CVS became very upset that I had been flip flopping doses. They had been filling it around the 23,24,25 day due to the dosage change and they decided that all of a sudden this was not okay even though I had done it in the past. I understood where they were coming from even though the prescription went through my insurance and I figured CVS used the same computer system so if there was a problem, they would have pointed it out to me before filling the prescription.  Also, if it was my doctor's orders, I figured it was okay. But this was not the case. When they got upset, they told me I was only allowed to fill one strength or I was not allowed to fill controls at CVS anymore. I understood they were upset and have done my best to be as compliant as possible from now on. I apologized to them, wishing they had told me sooner that it was a problem. I figured CVS was CVS and if there was any issue, they would have pointed it out! My doctor wasn't mad, but he wanted to make sure it wouldn't happen again, so nobody would get in trouble. I have tried to be perfectly compliant since, not wanting to upset anyone. But they did say as long as it was one strength and one strength only, they would continue to fill it. I took my new prescription in to CVS on Saturday to verify the fill date. The pharmacist who I've known for a long time and is super sweet wrote the date in the corner of the hard copy prescription. At first I thought nothing of it, thinking how nice it was that he wrote it in the corner so I would remember. But when I got home, it struck me that it might be a problem that he wrote on the prescription. The next day, I needed to get gum anyway, so I decided to stop back by and show the pharmacist on duty that day what was written on my script and verify that that was okay. No one had ever written on my prescriptions before, so I just didn't want to get in trouble for having writing on there, especially considering what had happened the month before. When I asked the pharmacist (whom I also know well enough to know he usually gets a little overwhelmed first thing in the morning when it's time to open up), he was a little annoyed that I was asking this at the opening of the day and was a little confused as to what I was talking about. After I cleared it up, he explained that since I'm their patient, it's okay that they wrote on it and that he probably wrote it on there since I'm always verifying the date. (They really do know me far too well at that CVS! :p) I had crumpled the script in my purse and half-jokingly asked him if it was okay that it was a little crumpled to lighten the mood a bit since I could tell he was a bit frustrated with me, and he said as long as it has the pertinent information i.e. doctor's name etc it was fine. I thanked him and just further explained that I always liked to verify with them and decided to check out at the front since I could tell he was quite busy. Did I act wrongly by verifying if writing on the script was okay? Is this going to cause a problem when I go to fill my prescription in a week? (Like if I already have a note about my situation in the system, did I do anything to cause another note to be written?) Sorry to sound nuts, but I'm just over cautious as I don't want to screw up again. I'm very worried that at the drop of a hat, they are just going to renege on deciding to fill it. Additionally, I am also going to use this refill to taper back how much pain medicine I use. Reality has just hit that it's too much trouble to go through this every month. I just feel like I'm always aggravating them at CVS, but I don't want to do the wrong thing and screw up with them again. I'm looking for advice on how to cut back on pain medicine need and alternative pain relief advice as well and thoughts on whether or not everything will be alright with the fill this month. I'm ready to do everything I can to stop treating my pain and start curing it.  I just want to do the right thing and make sure everyone is happy. Any tips are appreciated. Please genuine advice only. God bless, Amberley.
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