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Give medication "back" to doctor?

My doctor prescribed me a lower dose of Percoct at 5mg. I called to say I was in horrible pain (due to my SI joint dysfunction) and that I needed my stonger dose. I got a call back telling me that he would "agree" to write me a prescription for the stronger meds but only if I brought back my other prescription. This has never happened to me before. And I do not abuse my prescriptions by an means. But if you leave a messgae for your doctor and you do not get a response over the weekend and 3 days after that you tend to take more than prescribed especially if it is a lower dose than you usually get. I was awake for 4 nights in a row medicating since my pain would wake me up throughout the night and i couldn't afford to go to the hospital. No I am worried that they are testing me for some reason. Is it legal for your doctor to ask you to give back medication she prescribed to her office when the medication was obviously filled at a pharmacy?
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What if the doctor is requesting you to bring in a pain med that a different doctor gave you? to supposedly destroy it?
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Hello Canaya,

I have SIJ Dysfunction also. I understand how very severe the pain can become. I'm assuming that you may have used up most of the RX in order to treat your pain. Is that so?

My physician does not request that I return the medications that I have not used when we were looking for a narcotic that would provide me more pain releif. However in WI it is our PCP that prescribe for their PM patients and not a PMP. I am not under contract. However I have returned them because I had no need for something that didn't work. Once the clinic even refused to take the remainder of the prescription. So I guess every clinic and state is different.

But it is legal. They are trying to protect themselves.  I wish you the best. Please let us know how this turns out for you.

Take Care,
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Tkae back what you have left nad tell the Pharmacy or Doctor that you took a few extra than normal because of the low dose. They should be alright with that.
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yes, its legal, this is a pretty standard request from your Dr.
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Yes, it's in my contract to give back any unused meds.  They do pill counts too at any time during the appointments too.  I have no problems giving back my medication as long as I have another one replacing it.  If you don't follow their rules, you may be dismissed.  My pain is unbearable at times too, for weeks at a time.  I know what it's like.  The meds I have now just take the edge off of the pain if I don't get up and move around.  I'm grateful for what I have though.  Be careful if you are taking more then prescribed, that's how we get into trouble.  I know your pain isn't being managed, but it would be awful not to have anything on hand.
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I understand why they would ask and all... I was just wondering if it was even legal since the doctor didn't physically give them to me, if anything I should have to take them to the pharmacy. right??
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I'm guessing it is because they're cracking down on doctors so hard for prescribing any sorts of narcotics. While I think it is 'rude' in a way, I can understand the doctor being gun-shy as well with the witch hunts going on. I'd be worried about my medical licence as well. It's dumb because it keeps them from helping their patients.

As well it's because there is a huge black market for those drugs. Blah blah blah. Wish that life was simpler and people could get relief when they needed it, but others wreck it.
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