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Has anyone not have tramadol work for them?

I was given flexeril and tramadol for muscle spasms due to herniated discs.  The tramadol did nothing for the pain, I was able to receive some relief from motrin instead.  I can't take stronger opioids because they make me nauseous.  Morphine doesn't work for me either.  Are the two medications related?
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Tramadol 100mg really worked well for my spasm immediately.
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Tramadol did nothing for me, I have had a failed back double fusion and about to do a triple. I would ask for Protox if you are nauseous, it calms the tummy.
Tramadol isn't really effective on severe pain, at least in my experience
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MANY people find relief from good old fashioned over the counter products like Motrin (ibuprofen, etc.), ***AS LONG AS*** you follow your doctor's instructions. Further, if your doctor prescribes old fashioned blue ice packs and you follow the directions, you might find that gives you even more relief than all of the above! (I know some people will get pissy with my answer because they're in favor of addictive narcotics.... but as you yourself said, the king of all narcotics Morphine "doesn't work for me either."
Morphine is not the king of all narcotics you may want to do some research. I don't know what you said in my post, someone had it removed. I was trying to help people who are in pain management on more than 30mg a day or one day may require more than 30mg. Such as those in intractable incurable pain.
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Tramadol did not work for my pain after 2 FBS. I had better results and fewer side effects using heat and ice after activity
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