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Have to get off Flexeril, not doing very good

I have been taking 3/4 of a 10mg Flexerit once a day before bed Pain Management Dr put me on 4-1/2 yrs ago while detoxing from Valium (horrible). I'm sure God brought me here getting off Valium. People here helped me so much like Cricket, AtThebeach and many others. I couldn't have done it without them and our Heavenly Father. Was on Gabapentin (for me is a horrible drug). He offered that again, maybe won't be as bad now, not withdrawing from Valium. Flexeril helps me get past the pain and sleep good even after I tore a rotator cuff a few weeks ago. Have to sleep on stomach from old wreck which means 1 hand goes up near pillow. Now he stopped the Flexeril. Having sleep problems without it so trying to taper like I did Valium. It's not going very well. If I just stop it how long does it take to get a good nights sleep? I don't think the Flexeril is going to have much w/d but I have been anxious and not sleeping good, especially on the 1 year old pieces, also not very accurate getting 1/2 a pill out of pieces, I have newer just using the old ones 1st. Between the Valium, Gabapentin and Flexeril I've had help sleeping for 20 years. I hate 4-5 hours or less of sleep, can't function well. Went to a Holistic Dr who recommended a glass of wine before bed. That sounds dumb. Seen too much alcoholism in life and think after awhile 1 glass of wine won't work so I'll need 2 and so on. Tried 5-HTP and Sun Theanine during Valium w/d, not much help. Sleepy Time Tea helped but gave me stomach issues. The flexeril has been a blessing but 10mg leaves me groggy. I have 30 Flexeril and a lot of old 1/4 pieces left I can use to taper.
Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Barry
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You can try something over the counter like zzzquil or TylenolPM to help you make the adjustment. Others use melatonin, my preference, bc it never leaves a drugged or hung over feeling.
The flexoril does make some drowsy, but you shouldn’t have any issues by using an otc instead of flexoril.
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