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Help with fibromyalgia pain and fear that I may be misdiagnosed

I've been having muscle pain, numbness, spasms, weakness, headaches, fatigue and several other problems including dizziness since 2007. After much testing I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia late in the year of 2009. These symptoms seem to get worse with each passing year, I've been cut to less than part-time at work due to frequent call offs and none of the medications ever work which is causing depression. I'm quite afraid and have always felt like this could be MS. I am allergic to MRI contrast so my MRI's have been hard to read.

My question is, are there other test out there to rule out MS that I can suggest to my doctor?  

Also for my diagnoses of fibromyalgia what medications have proven to work Lyrica made me sick, I'm now on tramadol it helps a few short hours for pain but I  find myself more dizzy and disoriented. I also take a muscle relaxer at night and amitriptilyne which leaves me pretty drowsy the next day.I have a DR.s appointment next month  please help.
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I had a friend who was diagnosed with MS and she had a lot of your symptom's. I know that they can also confirm MS by a spinal tap test. My friend went to a Holistic Pharmacist and followed the woman's program for 2 months, she had a repeat MRI and it was negative for MS. She went on to become a Teacher, got married, and she has 2 beautiful boy's. I also have heard stories of people that were misdiagnosed with MS because they had a cervical (neck) problem that required surgery then they were fine. Have you ever had any problems with your neck? or your immune system? The woman who owns the Holistic Pharmacy placed my friend on an organic diet with holistic supplements. I hope this information is helpful. Good luck.
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My friend uses Savella and said it works great for the pain.  It's a new medication and I'm not sure what it is but she's been using it for fibromyalgia and migraines and she thinks it's the best!  Good luck I hope you find something that works.  
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Thank you all for your comments they've really helped a lot I'm writing all your advice down to talk about with my DR. next month when I have my appointment. Hopefully together the two of us can come up with a new plain to help me function better and become the happy, outgoing person that I once was.
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