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How can I ease nerve pain after a major surgery?

I had surgery 3 months ago to remove a vagal schwannoma and some enlarged lymph nodes from in the left side of my neck. For the first two months I was completely numb from my earlobe to the bottom of my neck on the right side of the incision. This past month I've had some odd sensations, like itching but when I go to scratch I can't feel it and some tingling on and off.

But the worst is the stabbing pain that comes and goes. My doctor says this means it's healing... But what can I do in the meantime to ease the pain? I've tried ibuprofen and aspirin but neither helps. Is there a cream or anything, or a different OTC that might help?
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You might ask your dr for Voltaren Gel.  It's a TOPICAL non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.  I used it for the nerve pain in the tops of my feet with good results.  
Thanks for the response! I'll talk to him about this.
You're welcome, good luck!
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I would talk to your surgeon and tell him or her what your experiencing isn’t being helped by the OTC meds you’ve tried. It sounds like it is nerve pain (I have that myself with a different condition) see if he’s willing to give you a low dose medication  for the nerve pain. Only certain meds work for that (lyrica or gabbapentin). Until it goes away. Hope you feel better soon!
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