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How can I get medication?

I am a US citizen but live in Thailand.  I am currently stuck in the USA due to the covid situation and have no idea when I will be allowed back into Thailand. I have a prescription from a Thai doctor for codeine/ Tylenol which I have been using for years due to pain caused by a disintegrated disc. I have run out and have much pain every day. I know the opiate situation in the states is quite strict.  My doctor is willing to send me the medication but I believe that is illegal. I have no insurance in the US nor do I have a doctor since I haven’t lived here in years. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks.
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Hi Gtto. That's tricky sounding.  Does your doctor have suggestions?  Perhaps medication could be sent directly to your doctor?  How is this going?
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You would have to be seen by a licensed US physician. Perhaps an Urgent care could provide you with a prescription for use during your time in the US. It is illegal to obtain schedule 2 opiates from outside the US and have them shipped here. Can your physician provide a letter confirming your diagnosis and treatment you could show the Urgent care doctor? Maybe via email.
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I have a letter/form stating my condition and prescription. It is possible that I can get one that is more detailed. I will try. I have no Dr. in the US.
The best suggestion I can make is bringing your empty bottle and the letter/form to an appt you would have to make with an urgent care/primary care physician/clinic in the US.
There really isn’t anyway to predict whether or not they will give you the same medication, but they may or make some suggestion what to do.
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