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How long for spinal fusion fo work?

Hi, I had a fusion on L3_4 about 2 months ago, previously I have had 3 other surgeries including a spinal stimulator. Does anyone have any similar circumstances? Before my last surgery they were trying to wean me off my meds. I was on morphine. 60 mg three times a day and they had me down to 2 oxycodone 15 mg a day. Right after my surgery they put my icy back up to 4 a day  and kept morphine the same. On my 2nd post op visit they are already cutting me down to 3 a day. The surgery seems to have been no help so far, I actually am feeling worse. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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of course there are failed surgeries.  i have heard many of them.  i cannot believe that he expects you to be pain free so soon.  wow.   i would really have a strong talk with him or see another doctor
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I just had my 5th fusion at l3-l4 in feb of this year, my pain management tried cutting my meds almost in half at 2 months as well.
I tried it and was back in their office alittle over a week later in alot of pain. They put me back on my original post op dosage.
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Wow 5th fusion! I don't know if I would do it a 2nd time. You have a lot of courage. Can I ask you if they did a bone graft at all? It seems that a lot of my pain is in my left butt cheek where they took the bone from and now it's starting to go down my leg a bit. Thanks
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It seems all of the Dr s want to cover themselves from prescribing to many narcotics. My Dr told me I am "lucky" ha ha because I also have RA so I can still get meds. I think I might need to switch to a pain management Dr if I don't get relief soon. :( from my surgeon.  Thanks for your input.
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They took a piece of my hip and used that instead of cadaver bone. I still have pain at the graft site.
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I'm going in to the Dr in 2 days I hope they can give me some answers.can I ask you how long ago as your first fusion? Thanks
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My first fusion was on 2003, that didnt fuse so I had an anterior fusion where they went in from the front. That was a seriously rough surgery. That was at L5-S1 then the levels above wore out because they were taking all the stress and I had to have those taken care of.
It's called the domino effect and from what ive read its a pretty common occurrence
I'm fused from L3-S1 and just had an mri because I was in alot of pain that didnt seem like post op pain. They found that anscrew was put in wrong and instead of going into the vertebrae it goes into the soft tissue, not to mentiin L1 is herniated so who knows whats next.
I just joined this site and posted in another section saying I was going to quit taking my meds but the pain is just too terrible. I only made it to the 2nd day :(
I know you didn't ask to hear all that, just typing away I guess
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It's so hard to get off the meds, you have been through a lot...I wish I could get an mri, but with my spinal stimulator an mri is out of the question because of the magnet :(. Don't worry about typing on, I do the same it's nice to talk to people who understand.
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I've had Klippel-feil since the whom my Dr who is amazing I've been seeing him for 10years and have been getting MRI and he said Im not going to fix something that isn't broken. I get MRI every 2-3 years the cyst has I'm bigger so he's going to go in and drain it and take the pressure off if I were any of you patience don't ever get the fusion fixed because that's the wa y you were made don't go against that it is the cyst. Look up Dr NG in London Ontario. Always fight  for your own body and you know your body and the pain is real remember thi yndrome is rare. Im losing my sense of touch because of nerve damage I fumble with my hands all the time but if i trick my brain and put gloves on i don't fumble and look at all types of  medicine practice and belief.
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