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I live in daily pain, is it worth it?

I was severely injured an a car wreck many years ago and now that I am older the pain has increased and has stopped me from having a life with my kids, I can't do a lot of walking, I can't even walk up the stairs without help, hell I can't even really do anything because of the pain. I now have scoliosis in my lower back, hips and my neck, I have lived like this for 21 years and I am just fed up with the pain.
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Honestly, I think you'd be extremely happy @ the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota.  I had a spinal fusion @ the Mayo Clinic back in 1982, due to scoliosis.  Have been dealing with nerve issues for the past 5-6 years, so I went back  the Mayo.  Saw head of orthopedic surgery, pain management and a neurologist.  Had MRI's, X-rays, EMG tests came out with a Rx of Gabapentin (300mg/3/day).  It's changed my quality of life.  Best of luck to you!  
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Hunter green,
I am sorry you are in pain. Physical therapy does help but it needs to be done consistently, and typically on an ongoing basis. It also usually hurts more for a bit until the muscles and ligaments adjust to the new movement/use. Aqua therapy helps ease the pain because you have resistance but not gravity working against you and again, done regularly, it does help over time.
Many people have scoliosis , and from my limited understanding most of us have some mild degree of it. I read that surgery for scoliosis isn’t done unless or until the curvature worsens to 50 degrees or more.  There are excercises to help with that as well.
Given your cancer diagnosis, perhaps your doctors can arrange online zoom physical therapy to guide you in excercises you can do at home to help you and prevent muscle disuse issues. You don’t want to add that to the problems you already have.
Online physical therapist consults and appts can be arranged just like doctors appts. Talk to your medical coordinator/spine doctor. They can help set them up.
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Oh gosh, that's terrible.  I'm so sorry you have this horrible pain.  And that it stops you from doing the things you want to do.  Life IS worth living though.  For sure. Your family would be so sad if anything worse happened to you.  You don't give much history of what you've done in terms of doctors and treatment.  Is surgery an option? Does anything like manipulation help? Tell me more about the actual medical situation and course this has taken.  I have scoliosis as well but was born with it.  I'm here for you.  You are worth it, sweetie.  Hang in there.  And if you do become desperate, there are numbers to call, websites, etc. that you should reach out to for help.  
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My spine is now pushed to the left side of my neck which gives me more movement on the right side of my neck where I can actually touch my right ear to my right shoulder with no pain at all but have limited movement on the left side, in order for me to look left I have to turn from waist up to the left to see anything. I can't lift more than a soup can without throwing out my lower back. I have seen a spine specialist and they had me doing aquatic therapy which didn't seem to help much and then found out that I have cancer, so aquatic therapy was placed on hold for time being. I have 12-degree scoliosis of the thoracolumbar spine which was measured fromT2-L3 a grade 2rotatory component primarily involving the thoracic spine, a 17- degrees dextroscoliosis of the cervical spine measured from C3-C7, and a pelvic tilt of 3.8-degree. My muscles are weaker on my right side of my body, but I have been doing exercises at home as due to cancer I am not allowed out of my house, still stuck indoors.
All this being indoors is actually physically hurting me than doing anything good for me.
I take Aleve for the pain only because that is the only thing that I am not allergic to and it actually works sometimes, but all it does is take the edge off the pain but I can still feel all the pain. I however can not take it right now because I am going in for surgery next week.
I have tried a chiropractor but they won't touch me worried that I would sue them if they paralyzed me, muscle relaxers which I found out that I am allergic to, so I can't take them. They are refusing to do surgery on me as they think that physical therapy would help me but it's not really helping me.
I am so sorry for your pain. I have pain, but not like that. It is disheartening and painful -- and it is not pleasant. I can understand how you feel about physical therapy. When nerves are involved sometimes the pain doesn't go away. I take naproxen sometimes and I notice it helps me. When you're resting, or lying on a recliner, do you have severe pain?  Any pain is difficult, but I wonder about the pain when you're reclining . I hope you feel better.

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