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I need a pain doctor that takes AL Medicaid

I need to find a new pain management doctor in Alabama that takes Medicaid. My doctor moved out of state and I only have medicine until June 19th (2008.) I've called many doctors but even though they call themselves pain management doctors they only do blocks, epidurals and injections. Does anyone know of a doctor that would actually write prescriptions for Duragesic 100 mcg/h patches and percocet for breakthrough?  He  must take Alabama Medicaid. I'm poor and cannot afford to pay the outrageous fees of $250-490 for the first visit. I have had 3 back surgeries and one neck surgery and have been told I have failed surgery syndrome and fibromyalgia.  Please help me find a doctor.
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At www. raceagainstpain. com they have a link that will help find pain management doctors in your area. All you have to do is type in your area code or city and it brings up a list of doctors. You could call and ask if they accept medicad.
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Medicaid does not keep a list of the providers that are pain management doctors. They said it is too new of service. They do keep a list of neurologist. I called all of those and no one would help me. I called all the orthopedic surgeons that I had previously seen and no one could give me the names of any doctors that are pain management doctors that do medication management. They all do epidurals-blocks-injections instead of writing prescriptions. Medicaid suggested that I call everyone in the regular phone book until I get someone that takes Medicaid. They aren't too helpful. I have called over 60 places and so far I cannot get help.
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I have called everyone on the raceagainstpain.com list and no one takes Medicaid. None take self-pay either.  I've tried all the pain sites online and called all the doctors on those lists. That was the second thing I tried after calling Medicaid to tell them that my doctor moved out of the state.  I've posted for help on almost every pain forum or Ask the doctor type forums. I've also called the palliative care part of a local hospital and so far they could only suggest one doctor. I called him and he wanted $250 for a first visit and $150 a visit after that.  Not a good deal when you are on SSI!  And I don't believe a non-Medicaid doctor would want to fill out all the Medicaid forms to get prescriptions filled every month. Usually they don't like paperwork--especially from an insurance they don't accept.
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If you cant find anyone, my advice is to go to your physician and tell them what has been happening. That your DR has moved and you are having a hard time finding a pain specialist who takes medicaid.

They may be willing to help you. I know its not the greatest option. But your going to run out of your medication so trying anything might be a benefit.

Sorry you cant find a pain doc who takes medicaid.
I hope you find someone soon
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ChronicBackPain, Sorry the site wasn't much help. I was hoping one of them would be able to help you. Keep calling around and maybe someone will help. Too bad Medicaid isn't willing to help you find a new doctor or help pay the expense of another doctor that doesn't take Medicaid.
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My primary care physician is worthless in this search. He says he doesn't know of anyone but if I find someone he'll write a referral.   I've begged him to write at least one prescription so I don't run out of medicine and the most he can say was that it would be good for me to go off my medicine for a while.  He actually said the suffering builds character!!!   We all must have damn good character!!!
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I don't think it was very responsible of your pain management physician to just move out of state without referring his patients to other doctors who could help them.  He must know what he has been prescribing for you, and chances are he also knows of other doctors in the area and what they prescribe.  I'm surprised that he didn't at least have the foresight to set his patients up before he left, he had to know that they were taking things that were going to involve withdrawal problems if they were stopped suddenly.  I would get in touch with him at his new office and ask him about it.  I would tell him the trouble you are having finding a new doctor and tell him that you are going to be up the creek without a paddle come the 19th, and see what he says.

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I sure wish I knew his  ( Dr. L) new address. But once Dr. L is another office, under another medical group name, it will be almost impossible to find him. Maybe if Dr. L would get his name on some of those pain doctor listings online, maybe then I'll be able to track him down. I don't think Dr. L be very easy to find. I think he'll hide for a while!  All I know is that he is moving to New York. What a big place to try and find someone.
If I could find Dr. L, he would probably just laugh about my situation.  Once Dr. L is out of this state (Alabama) I don't think there is a thing I could do. Dr. L was only my doctor 8 or 9 months. Not real invested in my health and well being.  In real words-- No skin off his teeth if I die during abrupt withdraw! His name is no longer associated with mine!

The doctor I had before him (Dr. H) also moved out of state abruptly. I finally, just last week, tracked Dr. H down in a large multi- officed Chicago pain clinic. Dr. H had been my doctor for 2 years but he also left abruptly without any regard to how hard it is for a Medicaid patient to find a pain doctor.  Dr. H's patients that were NOT Medicaid got transferred seamlessly to a very competent pain doctor friend of Dr. H. But this friend doctor does not take Medicaid. So, all the patients with Medicaid just got dropped into limbo. Luckily one of the office workers heard me crying during my last visit to Dr. H, after being told he wasn't forwarding Medicaid patients to a new doctor, and this wonderful office worker took it upon herself to find me a new doctor. She found me Dr. L! She had only found him because she applied for a job at Dr. L's office. She didn't get the job but she called me and told me that Dr. L would take me as a patient even with Medicaid. I am absolutely grateful to that wonderful woman! At least she had compassion. I wish I knew where she is now, but I don't.  

My medical records from Dr. H's office have been in limbo since Dr. H closed. Finally I tracked them down through the local medical society. My records showed up 8 months later at a doctor's office that I had never seen and the doctor's office doesn't take Medicaid either.  Who knows where my records have been and who has read them... I'll never know!  I wonder what ever happened with all those privacy laws?! I just know that the office that has my records refuses to give them to me and refuses to see me! They don't take Medicaid or self-pay!  Isn't that crazy!!!  They say if I want my records that I'll have to pay for a copy of them.

Crazy world when doctors can abruptly abandon physically dependent (on prescribed legal drugs) patients without a second thought.  All these doctors mentioned above made me sign a pain drug contract. I wish I could make THEM sign a contract that will include that, before they abandon me, they actually get me into another doctor's care  under the same conditions (Medicaid insurance & same co-pay) as I had with them. Why isn't there a law protecting the patient??  If the patient has to sign a contract why doesn't the doctor??  

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I am in the same boat as you. I am on a waiting list for two Doctors or pain doctors that take medicaid. One of them only takes new pait. the first of every year while the other one my primary is trying to get a hold of. If and when she does I will be glad to let you know mane number and any other info you need. I had to go to a hospital to come off my meds because withdrawals so bad i had no choice. So know im in so much pain i can't stand it. I had a great doc who was letting me self pay ($55-month) and he was willing to fill out paperwork so i could get my meds through medicaid but medicaid said i couldn't see him any more so here i was thinking Im glad to have medicaid being on ssi but it screwed everything up with my doc. If you have any luck please share . I feel yiour pain and can only hope there is help out there somewhere for us all who truely need it. My e-mail is ***@**** you can send me an email and when i get the info on the two im waiting on i will be happy to do all i can do to help you out. Just us your name you use on here and i will know its you.
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I am in the same boat. My dr went to private practice and doesn't accept Medicaid anymore. Did you ever find. Dr?
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Did anyone find any help. I am in southern alabama moved here from up north in jersey. I cant find one doctor that is good and will take medicaid. they all do shoots one even told me to take vitamins to help with the pain. REALLY VITAMINS. Have had two fusions, nerve damage, and can barely walk, but vitamins will help. Really. Wish i never moved here. I am disabled and i see people who dont even have an mri walk into an office come out with meds they dont need but cause i am disabled no private insurance i cant get help.
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