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I take Subutex for chronic pain. It works 100%!

Nearly died in a bad car wreck 7 years ago. Been on Subutex for chronic pain control since I went to rehab to beat a Fentanyl/Roxycodone/Oxycontin addiction in July 2009., For anyone who has wondered about this, it really works well.

The thing about it is that for people like us who are used to getting all those lovely opiate side effects, you don't get those with Subutex (there's a mild euphoria when you take the pill under your tongue, but that passes within a half hour). It kills your pain same as any opiate, but it doesn't FEEL like an opiate as it lacks side effects of clouded sensorium, relaxation of the large skeletal muscles - and that's because it's a partial opioid agonist.

I just posted this to give anyone with questions the benefit of my experience. If you're addicted to opiates due to chronic pain, and you're afraid to ditch the monkey because you're worried about suffering, worry no more - the right dose of Subutex (buprenorphine, generically, which is WAY cheaper than the brand) will stop your pain dead in it's tracks.

Did you know that anaesthesiologists use Subutex (buprenorphine) intraoperatively, to help with pain control?  It's true!

If you go to NA/AA, some of the people at meetings will try to give you crap if you take Suboxone or Subutex - they try to pitch this "You aren't really clean, you're just addicted to a better drug." crap. Totally untrue. There is NO social component to the prescription use of medications for chronic conditions - whether it's chronic pain, or susceptibility to addiction. If you're broken, you have a right to do whatever it takes to fix yourself.

Happy sobriety folks. Any questions about Subutex, hit me up.

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Hi Our meetings except that if people are in pain then they might need this. They might have used other substances and got out of control. Only There Higher Power knows what is up!!!!
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I'm interested in knowing all of  the effects from Subutex? Please. I'm in withdrawal from 200 mcg Fentanyl, 120 mcg Oxycodone, my Dr decided to drop them because she thought I'd be better off. I begged her to taper me off, yet she was so.......Godly, she told me I was lucky she didn't prescribe the Lorazepam or I'd be losing it as well. Needless to say after she said several other rude comments about me personally and then when I tried to explain, not convince her of what I was already going thru, she told me I was close to be fired. I told her she couldn't fire me, when she asked why, I told her....because she treats me less than human, I was done, I wasn't going to put up w/it anymore, & she was fired for not addressing the issues at hand. She refused to give me anything, and when I told her she was not a very empathetic Dr, she actually started to cry & left the room.
Now, I get to suffer the effects of 1 Dr's opinion of my condition(after only being my Dr for 3 months). Her "Godlike" yearning just might end my pain after all, although not how I'd prefer.
Sorry about the novel.... I'd be grateful for any info you can provide..
                           Thank you...
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Hi Buddy!

Sorry to hear about your issues with your doctor - many docs get that 'holier than thou' attitude, instead of leveraging the warm/compassionate angle. Sorry you had to go through that. Glad you fired HER!

The best thing about Subutex is that other than a mild euphoria just after I take it that lasts for maybe five minutes, and a nasty aftertaste (you have to let it dissolve under your tongue, because taking it by any other route results in poor absorption), there ARE no side effects, except for, in my case, pain relief. WIthout Subutex, my daily resting pain level is a 6. My right leg has endured 14 surgeries and the nerves are a mess - and I cannot get a spinal stimulator because of chronic osteomyelitis - the risk is too great of infection migrating to the surgical site if I have a spinal pain implant done, so my only choice is Subutex. Anyway, when I take Subutex, my resting pain level is a 2 - which is a reduction of 4 pain points - pretty significant for a drug I take only once per day, versus the Fentanyl, Oxycontin and Roxycodone I was taking previously.

If you have other specific questions, hit me back. There are online tools to find a doc near you who can get you on Suboxone/Subutex, and in my experience, if you have chronic pain, it is a pretty good alternative.

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