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I went to the new dr

I went to my new PM dr today. It went really well. Thanks to all of you I found what seems to be the perfect Dr. He acutually spent time and talked to me. We talked for 2 hours. He even read all my old charts that I brought with me. I didnt even know that this dr was even around and niether did my PCP. If it wasnt for this web sight I would NEVER have found him. He is having me get ne Xrays of my foot and leg, a new MRI of my back of my rt leg, and my left sholder cause the shoulder pain came out of no where, He is having me go for a new bone scan. Just to have all the records updated. I really didnt want it but he put me back on my Methadone, not a high dose yet but he said seeing that I was off of it for a month he said that even though im going threw withdrawls he has to introduce it slowly again. He told me that with the pain that Im in that there really isent much else for the pain cause I have tried most of my other options. He is going to ween me off of the Vicodin. I told him that when I used the lidoderm patches that it made the pain worse and he believed me, And even told me that its posible for that to happen. My other PMdr used to call me a lyier. He also perscribed me an at home 10s unit ( I have to get it tomorrow cause they were closed by the time I got home from the Dr). He cant understand why my old Pm dr didnt do that seeing he wanted me togo for the SCS. He asked me about the SCS, and a morphine pump. I told him that I really didnt want to have to go that route and that I heard horror stories about them and he told me to think about it But he wasent going to push me into anything that I didnt want. I told him that I want the pain to go away. Im tired of it. He said that he will do his best to help me out.
Im really glad you guys pushed me not to give up and to think positive. If it wasent for all of you I would be still having a pitty party and feeling sorry for myself. You guys all really helpped me out.. Im still going to come on here and talk to you all cause you all are great ppl and I feel safe here. And I know that you all are listening to me and you all understand what Im going threw.
Thank you all again for giving me the strenth to go on and not to give up. And thank you all for being my sholder that I can cry on when I needed you all the most.
your friend
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wow donna   what a huge relieft you must be feeling right now. I am so happy for you. I haven't been on for awhile and haven't commented lateley but have been following you for a long time.  you didn't mention if the new doc said anything about the negative urine tests? did you mention it to him?  being back on the methodone even at a small dose will help manage the pain and it's awesome that he took the time to talk to you and get your tests updated.  maybe he'll get to the bottom of allof it.  this is exciting news.  be sure to keep us updated.
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I am so happy for you. I am glad you found a great Dr who will listen and help you and you see being positive and not giving up paid off:)
Nothing worthwhile comes easily and sometimes we forget that!
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HORRAY!  I'm so happy for being able to get on a path that is good for you. Hang in there, it will all be alright.   Mollyrae
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I am not familiar with the terms babydm uses.  What is SCS and a 10s unit? either I don't know what they are or maybe I am used to different terminology.
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I'm soooo happy that this Dr is offering you all the help he can give!! YAY:0)
You deserve to be as pain free as possible and have a really fufilling life with your family..I bet there really happy your going to be feeling better!

Yes, please stay with us. Were like a big support group family. Minus the stale coffee and donuts!
You have so much to offer this community and we all would love to hear how everything is going with this new DR and just in general.

I hope your resting a little easier knowing you have one more person on your side with your PCP, family and all of us:)

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Oh, a TENS unit is a machine that sends elecrical impulses to your nerves to confuse the pain signals that are being sent to the brain.
Alot of people have found it really beneficial. I used it in the beginning for my pain before I got diagnosed. It worked well until my condiions worsened.

SCS is spinal cord stimulator(if thats what your refrring to babydm) I dont know too much about it. But I guess it also plays a role is interfering with the pain signals that are sent from the receptors to the spine and then to the brain. There was an article in my daily newspaper that I havent gotten to read yet. I'm wondering what the success rate is for it or if it is more trouble than its worth which can sometimes happen with implants. But like verything else I know some people have really gotten alot of benefit out of it so sometimes you cant go by other peoples experience(thats my own adive that I should probably take..its just so scary having things implanted in your spinal cord though...but probably worth a decrese in pain!)

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Wonderful news...I have not been on the last several days due to my mother's recent illness so I missed this post. As I read it, it made my tearful...happy tears for you. What a great ending to a horrific incident. You were so down, so upset, and I am so very happy for you. Take care and please keep us posted. Tuck
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I havent been here in a while but I havent forgotten any of you. Just been trying to spend sometime with my family. I have been ALOT happier now that Im not in so much pain. Thanks to all of you helpping me find a dr. Like I said to all of you before. If it wasent for all of you and this websight I would mostlikly still be crying in pain on the verge of giving up. Thanks to all of you, I didnt give up.  Im feeling much better, Still in pain but Im hanging in there. I feel alot better. Have to make up my mind on getting the spinal cord stymulator, the morphine pump or something else for this pain other then all the meds. This Dr. isent pushing the issue of any of them though. He is leaving it all up to me.
Well Its storming out really bad here. Im gonna get off and go watch tv with the kids.
Again THANK YOU ALL.. And I havent forgotten about any of you...
Talk to you all soon..
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Sounds like you struck gold with the new doc. That's wonderful!!! Good for you!
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I found this story and read every post. Im so glad you found someone. I know its years later but unfortunatley CP never goes away so wondering if you are still around (or get notifications)?

One of the posts talked about what CP does to your spirit and its ok to take meds. I have since 2010 and drs have told me its necessary but so good to read other stories and I have decided to find a therapist. I have pretty good insurance and both my kids are in wchool so I have the time.   I think it will be helpful.  

Hopefully baby you are still doing well. I moved to FL from CA and its a whole dofferent world with meds. I was also diagnosed with CRPS and given methadone in 2003 but stopped. I threw up so much I was throwing up blood.  I stopped narcotics until 2007 (except vicodin 5s for endometiosis) .  But diagnosed with bone tumor in leg (benign) and now suffer nerve damage in perineal nerve from the surgery. But Im thinking of getting the RSD diagnosis back.
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K-Amom, you said you moved to CA from Florida and it's a whole different world with meds. Can you elaborate? Is it easier? Or harder to get meds in California? I think things are tough, now, for the Florida folks (because of the pill mill problems a few years ago). What is it like in California?
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