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I wish painkillers worked!

I seem to have inherited my mother's problem of having a very poor response to most painkillers - NSAIDS (like ibuprofen), codeine etc. and paracetamol.  Because we also had great oversensitivity to certain drugs, it is possble that we may be slow metabolisers of drugs using certain metabolic pathways, and certainly codeine-based ones.

It seems likely that I have fibromyalgia and am having an acute flare at the moment.  I could just howl with pain and tiredness.  I'm on trazodone and amitriptyline, with no improvement.  A visit to the osteopath yesterday only produced very temporary relief.

I'd quite like to go to bed very soon, but know I am unlikely to sleep.
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I am sorry your having such pain and no help!  My aunt could not take pain meds because she was so over sensitive they would really throw her for a loop! She ended up taking anything that would help and she currently takes antidepressants that have been shown to help with pain and she does take tramadol too. I think you should ask your Dr about the test that will show what you can take safely , the test from what I understand are still being researched concerning their reliability but it is worth a shot. Have you tried opioids and what reaction did you have? I believe you can find some relief, if you do some research and be knowledgeable when you speak to the Dr about your concerns you will fare better as you will know what the Dr's concerns are and why. If you need help with this I will gladly do so.

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I would like to suggest a few options for you.  I too suffered from pain/burning in both feet...sometimes the pain was so bad I could not concentrate much less sleep.  I finally went to a pain mgmt doctor who put me on a fentanyl patch..worst decision of my life.  I was able to discontinue the patch and went to another doctor who put me on lortabs.  WHile those work it is only temporary.

Wanting to be off pain meds...I have been serching for the past year on ways to eliminate my pain.  A little history about me.  3 years ago my bowel burst and I almost died from that.  While in the hospital I was on the most powerful antibiotics known to man.  Long story short...I survived a few more close calls and finally made it home.

Two years ago I noticed that there were certain foods I could not eat..this problem has gotten progressively worse over the years to the point I can only tollerate fresh veggies and fruit.

My reserach has shown me that most common health problems we have is due to our diet.  I am now trying to kill a yeast infection in my colon that was caused by heavy antibiotic use while in the hospital.  Antibiotics kill the good bacteria in our bodies and cause us lots of health problems.

I would like to suggest to you to search how "gluten" causes health problems as well as yeast infections.  Let me know what happens.
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Hi I am new to this community, so I dont know if you have tried this or not. I have been in terrrible pain for 5 monthes now and have tried every prescription pain killer out there (I could open a pharmacy with the medications that have not worked) we have even tried the depression and neuropathic stufff. Nothing worked untill my new Dr. said to try a liquid, at first I thought "I'm not a little kid" but tried it anyway, and am doing better with pain management. It dosen't take it completely away but it makes the pain more tolerable. The body starts absorbing it as soon as you put it in your mouth, where a pill has to be broken down by your stomach this does not.
If you are were I am, I am sure you will try anything. Ask your Dr. if he/she can get their hands on a few liquid samples from those annoying pharmacuticle (sp?)sales people that just show up and bump your appointment out 30min to an hour. make the wait pay for itself.  Good Luck
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Hi. My Mom also has a sensitvity to many drugs and has been in terrible pain for years. What has worked for her was to take the Oxycodone 5mg prescribed two times a day and break it in half and take 4, 1/2 tablets all day so that she is really getting just the two tabs but at half the dose all day and this really works for her. It helps with the sensitivity she has and keeps her more comfortable. Just my 2 cents..........

Take care and I hope you find a solution. Mollyrae
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Hello Asc01,
How are you doing? has any of the suggestions been helpful to you. I too have had to try a multitude of medications until I found one that I could tolerate and that worked for me. My poor mom is even worse than I am. She recently had open heart surgery and a repair to a hole in her heart and most of the medications made her "loopy" and did not control her post-op pain. We had to take her back to her presurgical pain medication, Vicodin as it seems to be the only one that she can handle or that works for her.

So I would keep trying until you find something that works. Don't give up, you'll find it and/or maybe one of the suggestions above may help, like dividing up the dose or a liquid form of the medication.

Keep trying and please keep us posted. Take Care, Tuck
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