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Is my Pain Management Dr. setting me up to get kicked out (PLEASE READ) Important!


Hi! I'm NEW to Pain management,
I suffer from an Herniated disk after a violent MVC.
The other driver was at fault (also officiated),
SO anyways after about a year of putting up with pain in my lower back due to a herniated disk the Orthopedic Surgeon tell me i have two options SURGERY / EPIDURAL, Understandably i avoid both and avoid both, the pain was pretty bad, i thought i would be able to deal with it THEN WINTER COMES and my pain doubles. I had been avoiding Pain management, because I did not want to become addicted, i get referrals to Pain management i also avoid, however at this time a year having passed since the time of the accident i become concerned about the future of the pain and finally decide to go to Pain Management a year BEFORE the validity of my MRI expires.

I decide to get on the grid for pain management.

ANYWAYS. I felt that necessary to state before get into the questions. So i get into Pain Management, no problems. I get a urine test of which that I'm more than confident I'll pass because i don't do any other drugs besides Xanax of which i've literally been prescribed without a single issue, not even drug tested ONCE in over 20 years.

I express concern to the Pain management i am concerned about becoming addicted, i figure it would be best to be OPEN with my DR knowing how strict they can be are after reading so much literature BEFORE going knowing i would probably get on something addictive. She tells me ''pain is subjective'', take it when necessary or every other day only SO I DO. She prescribes Percocet, i decide to start with small fractions of the pills and start a journal to document how i feel, how my body reacts, how it affects my system, what i notice.. keeping in mind NOT to take any XANAX before taking ANY Percocet at least for 5-6 hours. Which was a suggestion of the Pharmacist upon me asking about the combination of medications. Once again this is ME taking the time to remain informed.

I also upon the initial visit decide to ask for a copy of the paperwork which seemed to delightfully surprise the nurses. I felt they would like to see that, however that is NOT the reason i asked, i asked to be informed and study the papers because that's the way i am, thorough so as to be prepared about anything as usual. I had the feeling actually not many people asked for those documents signed upon the initial visit.

ANYWAYS sorry for such a long intro, im just that way ''details''. About a week later i go to my main doctor, the one that's prescribed Xanax for over 20 years, and i follow the guidelines of pain management rules to the ''t''. In those pain management warnings/regulations/rulles etc it says to ''inform your doctor'' you are taking Percocet, so i do.

NO problem so far right. SECOND APPOINTMENT comes, Pain Management calls me in one hour and a half early. I say OK, im there within 20 minutes. Not sure if this is when a problem starts but come time for me to take a urine test i barely am able to provide a sample since they called me in early it messed up my timing I guess, my plan was to drink fluids before my actual appointment, they are the ones that called me in early.

So I tell them i'll be more than happy to provide a urine test and start drinking water i brought, they tell me the doctor is about to leave, which is the reason they callled me in early, at which point they give me a mouth swab test. It turns blue which i have NO idea what it means (BTW if anyone knows what blue means PLEASE tell me) .

So FINALLY the  Doctor comes in and she asks, any problems? I tell her no, just some sensitivity to light, so then she asks me after i express i've been careful because i do not want to get addicted, and have been following her own advice ''pain is subjective, only take when needed''. But then out of the BLUE she asks me to tell my doctor i am taking the new medication she's prescribing, i told her i already did, then she tells me i need confirmation. I'm like hey, ''no problem'', but THEN she asks for CONFIRMATION i say ''OK'' thinking to mysellf not really a problem, but THEN as if that was enough she tells me she ALSO needs confirmation from him ''this medication is right for you''.    All i say is OK, not knowing WHAT to think of that, she prescribes my medication, i walk out.

After i got home i had time to think about her request, upon thinking about it i'm thinking the reason she did this was either because (1) She was just being extra cautious (2) She wants to reduce as many people coming who abuse pain medications OF WHICH BY THE WAY I HAVE ABSOLUTE ZERO RECORD of abuse.  In fact as stated above i've been prescribed a controlled substance for over 20 years not one problem. (3) This doctor is trying to cover her behind with certain patients, by slightly blame shifting the responsibility upon another doctor besides herself for writing such prescriptions.

I feel so many people trying to abuse this drug, sell this drug are making it much more difficult for the people who are in pain and need help. The problem is what doctor in the world is actually going to say ''yes'', that's the right medication for your patient which is a patient of mine being that it's so controlled.

This medication works for me, i not only get to have the pain taken away when i feel it but smile again and feel OK, which i have not in so long. So it is just me, is this ''standard practice'', am i being ''singled out'', ''making a big fuss over nothing'', or what. I know my doctor will be able to confirm i told him, but as far as him saying i think this medication is right for him, he already stated when i told him it's ok but you should only take it short term or else you would have to take less xanax.

I understand people are being cautious, but it seems overly so. At this time the use and prescription of controlled substances is under fire LIKE NEVER BEFORE, but this is a bit much for those that really need help like me.
Any suggestions? I do of course plan on going to see my doctor to tell him, what the PM doctor requested, but see what the PM doctor did there ''seems to be'' is asking my other doctor to CONFIRM her being a doctor herself that it was ''OK'' for her to prescribe Percocet. What doctor in the world is going to say YES keep writing THAT prescription to him in light of it being SO controlled.  
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Your first encounter with the PM doctor, you expressed concerns about addiction. That likely set off alarm bells, or at the minimum raised a bit of an alert.
While we all need to be vigilant about using these meds as directed, and ensuring we keep in mind the potential for abuse/addiction, mentioning that word right away probably alerted the doctor and made him/ her a bit more cautious.
They dont know you yet...you are new to them and it is going to take time for both of you to get to know one another.
I wouldn't read anything into them asking you to bring documentation your primary is okay with the percocet and there are no concerns with you taking it.
Given what you said, it sounds like she just wants to ensure there is no issue.
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Thanks for taking time out to read my letter and expressed concern.
Before i decided to go into Pain management, i thought of so many way to approach the Dr KNOWING it was such a ''huge deal'' given SOOO many people abuse this
medication purposefully, go into fool doctors etcetera, sell it etcetera. Ultimately it dawned on me ''hey you have a real issue with your back (herniated disc), so instead
of ''trying'' to figure out a way around getting something i knew was addictive i felt honesty would be the best policy. Now i know a little more to keep some things away
from the Pain management, and only bring issues up if they are real issues. That as opposed to expelling every detail and talking because even though an issues brought
up may not apply to me at the time, they may be more sensitive to ''key words'' expressed than i thought having dealt with so many people using/abusing. She's the one
who smiled upon my first appointment, however when i expressed i do not want to get addicted, most people just come in and try to hide that i felt, that's when she told
me ''pain is subjective'' take it when needed, and be sure to take it at least two days before i came in. Interesting dynamics, patient and Pain management. Just rather not
lose Percocet, in case i need it later on. But your right if they wanted to kick me out, they would have done so and i belief in part i have taken it too literally as a threat,
when perhaps it's really not. Anyone else ever encounter this issue?
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Hi Golden,
I have been in pain management on and off since '92, and have dealt with a few PM doctors during these years.
I have both RSD and major spine issues, two failed spine surgeries and a spinal cord injury, so I get it.
The world of pain management came about in the 90's, and those specialists were typically anesthesiaologists, who also treated severe pain.
Since then it has changed alot and there are on clinics all over. There are two types, interventional and comprehensive.
Interventional are typically ones that offer injections, physical therapy, spinal cord stimulators, nerve burning, etc but typically not ongoing pain meds.
Comprehensive usually involves all spheres of pain management including use of medications.
It's always a bit awkward when you meet a new PM. You hurt, otherwise you wouldn't be there , and you want help, but in today's opiate hypersensitive environment,  both doctors and patients are hypervigilant about warning signs or potential problems.
Appts are usually hurried and there is alot of info the patient wants to tell the doctor, while the doctor needs certain info regarding pain. It's easy to try to provide thorough info, and try to cover everything.
Anyway, you'll see as time goes on, and you get to know one another better , things will be smoother and easier.
Very kind indeed once again taking the time to read ''someone out theres'' post and respond. I value your input. It sounds as if you've been through a lot, probably more than anyone can ever truly understand. Your not alone, at some point we all go through something let's just say ''not what people wanted'', lol. It's good to have understanding most outside what we think about that to free up how personal an attack life sometimes can feel like. I'm not aware if you go to church, would highly recommend alternative ways of healing. Not even i plan to stay on pain meds the rest of my life. Thank you! I'll take time to re-read this again soon. If i have any questions i'll be sure to ask your awesome opinion.
You are so welcome. Glad you found the responses helpful.
Long term or short term, living in pain stinks...
I try not to let my ongoing pain interfere too much in my head.
I am a lucky woman in many ways. A great husband, great kids, and a life I love, even on the bad days, I try to find the beauty of another day.
Yes, I have a strong belief and faith, and that helps me keep things in perspective.
It could always be worse..lol
Don't misunderstand, some days are really challenging and I just plain hurt, but I try to remind myself it will eventually fade.
Anyway, I hope to see you around more..
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