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Is pain treatment making me an addict?

I have been on the duregesic 75 pain patch for 4 years.  also taking occasional vicodin for pain when it gets real bad.  I have fibromyaligia, and RA, as well as chronic back pain.  How much is too much?  I am so afraid of the addictions.  you hear so much about prescription drug addition.  I am actually looking at some sites today to  try to get off these medications, but then what do I do about the horrible pain in my body?  am I worried for no reason. or is the prescriptions the doctor is giving ok.  Please help me with an answer.
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I would say it's not a problem ,if you can control it! when you start taking more than prescribed, your in trouble. Idon't have a tendency to get hooked,but every one is different, I would also think ,I'm definetly physically dependent, as I take pain mads regularly. lots of us can't help it as the pain is to great!
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Yes as woodsprincess said it we are physically dependent .I would not be able to work without Fentanyl.I trust my pm with the meds I'm prescribed because I believe he is after the same thing I am. A better quality of life.
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Hello Bjburnam,

Welcome to MedHelp. I am sorry you are having so many medical conditions that cause you pain. The members here on the Pain Management Forum can relate.

You are correct. The media is swamped with stories about the drug addicts and ppl addicted to prescription pain medications. What they fail to report is the multiple ppl that are Chronic Pain Sufferers that are use their narcotic pain medication correctly. We CP sufferers may be dependant on opiates to control our pain or to live a half way normal life but we are not "addicts."  We do not sell our drugs or divert them. That's what the media should be talking about but we do not make good news stories. We make a boring story. That is unless one of us have a problem with addiction, than it's front page news.

If you are taking your medications as prescribed you should have nothing to worry about. The fact that you have been on the same dose for 4 years says you are not abusing the patch. I don't think you should be concerned or worried. And as you said you would have horrid pain without the patch. what would you do? You should not have to suffer needlessly because the media is highlighting a few ppl that abuse the system or are true addicts.

So please relax and be assured you do not sound like you have anything to be concerned about. Stay with us on the Pain Management Forum and you will learn more about CP and the ppl that suffer with it. We are a good supportive group and welcome you to join us. Please take care. Tuck
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i came to this site for the same reason you did. i was worried about adication, but with the help of many good people in here i found out tht i am dependent not addicated..and there is a world of difference..so like they said relax take your pain meds as directed , because without them what quailty of life will you have??
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