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Is there an effective alternative for Gabapentin other than lyrica?

I have neuropathic nerve pain from a botched neck spinal fusion 2013. After 2 more spinal fusions to correct the problem it was determined that the problems i am having cannot be corrected. I am left with permanent damage and neupathic nerve pain. To add to it my lower back has disc compression issues. I have been getting injections for this when its unbearable, but im apprehensive about surgical treatment. I have been on (6 yrs) Gabapentin, now at 1200mg 4 times a day along with Oxycontin and breakthu oxycodone. I'm also taking Celebrex as needed  Duloxetine 60 mg at night and Tizanidine 4mg twice a day, as needed, Xanax as needed. In the last month i started experiencing severe depression, insomnia, memory issues, mind fog and libido issues. My orthopedic specialist tried switching me to Lyrica for 3 months back in 2014 with horrible immediate side effects. Switched back to Gabapentin.  I am asking if there is another neuropathic pain medication to use as an alternative to Gabapentin. I agree that the Gaba helps with nerve pain, however the side effects are scaring me. I plan on discussing this with my PM but want to know more before going in.
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I'm in the same boat except I cannot take the generic I have to have Lyrica. With the others I have trouble breathing. I have a damaged spinal nerve root from a failed fusion. An epidural did help way more than a nerve block. I also take tizanidine and hydrocodone. I used a E-stem and Dragontree (online) have some awesome pain patches. Carry on.
I feel like the metal has moved again because one of the vertebrae looked like a ruffles potatoe chip and they went in and our of it 3 times.  I think its breaking or something.  Pain level jumped up to an exteme 10 and i can barely move.  I'm putting the hard collar back on. I have a pm appt on Monday.  I need a myelogram.  This sucks.  
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I was put on Lyrica and had every side effect listed and then some, was then put on gabapentin and while less side effects, they were still severe enough that I couldn't continue.  My doctor then switched me to Cymbalta.  Cymbalta can be prescribed for nerve pain or anxiety.  That has helped immensely.  NOTE:  when the pharmacy switched to the generic, I had similar psychological side effects similar to those from Lyrica and Gabapentin (confusion, stupidity, suicidal thoughts,...) I can only take the name brand.  I have to pay hundreds of dollars for this, but the shooting nerve pain is so intense that I will continue to pay it as long as I can.  I'm afraid for when I can no longer...
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Ask your doctor about Amitriptyline
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