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Issue with CVS and Filling My Medicine

Hi all!
So I go to fill my pain meds at the cvs this month and I tend to flip flop between the CVS right by my doctor and right near my house depending on if they have the meds in stock etc. But I always run on insurance and always use CVS. I have also been very flip floppy with doses, between 7.5 and 10. If there is a change in dose, a lot of times they will fill a few days early, i.e. Day 25 as opposed to day 28 which is nice bc it's better to pick it up when they have it as opposed to figuring out where to go if they're out. (It's always a nightmare to get these meds filled, I feel like they never have them in stock!) My pain has been worse some months and better and I would always like to take less meds if possible. So I go into the pharmacy today and the pharmacist points out that over the past couple of months I have gotten my 7.5s from them and my 10 mgs from the one near my house. I really didn't know it was a big deal. CVS is CVS right? That's always what my doc has told me. So I'm over here thinking it was bc it was a couple days early that they were mad bc of the way the pharmacist reacted at first, saying that flip flopping between doses sets off red flags. I called my doctor and explained everything and he kindly asked me to wait a couple of days since CVS was a little aggravated about the flip flopping thing. I agreed, no problem. I called the girl back from CVS and told her I had spoken with my doctor. I told her I was willing to wait until next week. She told me that the length of time wasn't the issue. It was the fact that I was flipping between doses and CVSes, which I honestly didn't think was a big deal. I figure that if there was an issue my insurance wouldn't let it go through which it always does! So I call the doctor, explain that the pharmacist needs to speak to him directly and he never called me or her back. So now I'm over here thinking that I did something wrong, when I honestly didn't think it was a big issue as long as I used the same chain, the same doctor and my insurance. Where should I go from here? Should I wait it out? Cancel the script and just live without pain meds? I just don't want to get in any trouble for something I didn't even know was bad! She said as long as the doctor calls to confirm then I can get the script whenever. I'm going to wait until next week and respect what my doctor says. But the problem is, he won't call back to confirm. The doctor was the one who told me it doesn't matter which CVS I go to as long as it's CVS and the one who authorizes the flip flopping. But we both agreed, one dose from now on only! Is that bad to do? I will NEVER EVER EVER use CVS again. I just want to cancel my script and see what the doc says to do from there. Any advice is helpful.
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I have been using CVS for over 5 years now, but early on I went to get my prescription filled around the holidays, well everyone obviously decided to do that also.  They were out, so I went to a different pharmacy, they told me , "We will not fill this! This is to many in one month!"   I asked them how can you reject a prescription from a Dr. If they say it's not?  It does not exceed the maximum amount of anything?  He said, " His opinion is what matters, and he doesn't have to fill it, period!"
So if you are comfortable with a pharmacy and they start to get to know you and your case, you should stick to one pharmacy you are comfortable with and only one.
But absolutely not follow through with getting your meds, I'm sure you have a contract and you don't want to mess that up, just keep following through and try sticking to one pharmacy, whenever possible, good luck.
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I hope you have gotten this straightened out.
My hubby went to the same CVS for 5 years, no problem, every months was the same.  One days he went in and a different pharmacist was there. CVS was having a lot of problems in Florida (we don't live in Florida) so we thought that was what it was.
The pharmacist called the doctor and said he thought it was too much.  The doctor ordered him to fill the prescription.  After that we never went back to CVS, we found another pharmacist.  One thing, in my husband's contract is that he will go to the same pharmacist every month..

Also they are all cracking down and if you raise any "red flags" they they will have a problem filling your prescriptions.  I would pick one and stick with it.  You can also look under Tuckamore's journal about the new CDC guidelines and the Surgeon General writing letters to every physician in the US about prescribing opiates.  This was last week, so while it may not be happening yet, it is coming.

I think it will become a witch hunt, anyone not under a pain management doctor needs to get one as "they" don't want GP's treating long term pain and in fact have stated no one needs more than 3 to 7 days worth of opiates.

Good luck
I'm allowed to use two pharmacies. Both of them are Walmarts. I go there because it's the cheapest place to get my medication. My Dr knows this and understand that sometimes one Walmart will be low on my meds so I have to go to the other store. I know the people at the pharmacies so I've never had a problem.
I think we should be allowed to choose at least 2 pharmacies because they might be out of our meds or low on them.
My sister lives in a small town and uses CVS. She is the only one who uses this med so they order it in especially for her.
It helps to call the pharmacy you've chosen a few days ahead of time to make sure they will have enough of your meds in stock. It also helps to get to know the people who are working there.
Unfortunately, we do get knew workers who think they know what's best for us. I don't think they should be allowed to question or deny filling a prescription our Drs have written for us. But they can and do.
I feel for anyone who is a chronic pain patient. I understand. It's bad enugh that we have to deal with chronic pain. We don't need to have problems with our pharmacies.  
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I agree with you Remar, it is awful the way pain patients are being treated.  I don't understand how they can treat people like this but they do.

After my husband's experience I have learned that pharmacists can refuse to fill your prescription if they feel uncomfortable.  In his case, the pharmacist came up with many excuses, hoops for hubby to jump through.  He did everything, finally the doctor ordered the pharmacist to fill it.  He never went back to CVS.  He found a place that is nice to him.  It is not a chain just a small drug store.

Take Care, Dee
Dee, I read many posts here and it seems that the small non chain pharmacies are the best. They can be more expensive if you have no insurance, like me. That's the reason I use 2 Walmarts. It's the cheapest store to get my meds.
I'm so glad to hear your husband has found a small non chain pharmacy. I can't believe  that pharmacist at CVC treated your husband so badly. Did you find out that it is indeed a law that a pharmacist can refuse any prescription?  
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Thank you guys so much for all of the kind responses. I was able to get my medication last month. (The refill itself took a grand total of 15 minutes!) Now I am being very careful and verifying everything this month. I may be annoying them, but I'm making sure I'm not doing the wrong thing!
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Hi Remar, I don't think it is a law I have been told that if they feel uncomfortable with filling the prescription they will come up with excuses, i.e. we are out of that, we don't carry that, etc.  I don't think there is anything to stop them from doing this.

Evidently there are things a patient can do that will cause what they call red flags to arise.  Some are trying to get prescriptions filled  early on a regular basis.  Or going to a doctor in one state and getting prescriptions filled in another.

I did a search and found a pharmacist saying it is the DEA who is doing this:  Also found a few years ago Walgreens had to pay 80M in fines for over filling prescription.

"As a pharmacist I can tell you the DEA is putting increasing pressure on us to not fill any CS that we don't feel comfortable with regardless of the reasoning. This can be caused by anything from high doses, lack of sufficient diagnoses, and even questionable patient behavior when dropping it off. The staff at that store may have had issues in the past with that medication so they may be more stringent than others, and perhaps the patient said something when dropping it off that triggered a red flag."
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I would agree with a pharmacist that refused to fill a script because it was to early. Some people need to fill their scripts because they're out of town but this is probably rare.
It makes me so mad that there are people that get meds and don't even need them. This messes things up for those of us who are real chronic pain patients.
I didn't think it was a law but it may as well be if the pharmacy refuses to refill a regular patients meds. Even with a new patient the pharmacy can call the Dr. It only takes a couple of minutes to do.
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