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Life after Fibro

Not really a question of sorts but just a message in general. I was an active person working with horses, then Fibromyalgia hit and I was unable to work. I have now branched off onto another career as a novelist. My first book is being published this year. I visit this site and I read about the awful pain that we all suffer and my heart goes out to you all. But for me at least there is life after Fibro. I need help though, does anyone know of any sortware that can help with typing as my hands give up sooner than my brain. Any suggestions are welcome and feel free just to chat. Thank you
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Congratulations on being published! I wish you great success. It must be very exciting and you should feel a great pride for your accomplishment. You Rock!  

I am sorry that I do not know of any software that can assist you.....however a trip or call to your local computer store should provide you with that information.

You're right....there is life after Fibro or Chronic Pain (CP). It's finding it that's the key. I have had chronic pain for over twenty years. I too changed careers and was able to continue in the employment market for many years. Finally it got the best of me and I was forced to give up my second beloved career a few years ago and am permanently disabled.

However I am looking at a third career of sorts. I have gotten involved in photography...a loved hobby I never had the time or energy for when I struggled to maintain a career with CP. There is currently interest in my photos and skills. I am very humbled....yet excited.  

I could say so much on the subject, life after chronic pain.... but for now will simply add this. The astute and wonderful PCP that originally diagnosed me said, "Life can deal you a pretty crappy hand....but learning how to play with the cards you are dealt is the key factor in contentment." I understand now what she meant.

There is life after Fibro and/or Chronic Pain and I am glad that you have found it.  I'll look forward to hearing from you again.

My Best to You,
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The Dragon Software I think is the Best. Voice Commands are real Kool too. Good luck to ya and just watch exactly what it types because sometimes it does not do what you say.
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I was going to mention Dragon, too.  I have worked with people that used it and loved it.  It would probably be perfect for what you're doing.  (Or you could always hire a typist!  I typed my dad's book ... about a hundred times :)  Did it first on a typewriter.
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Thanks to all. Yes i'll pop down to the shops. Busy week though this week as I've 2 Barry Manilow concerts to attend (enjoy and treasure). Wishing everyone a pain free day (or levels that can be tolerated).
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