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Lower back pain after skiing!!!

I am 16 years old and I went skiing two days ago. I didn't feel any pain that day but I slept on a motor home bed that night and since that morning I have had intense lower  back pain. I didn't fall while skiing or anything and although I was skiing hard, nothing went wrong. Could this be from the bed? It hurts a little to walk and it really hurts to bend over or lay down. Why do I have such back pain and what can I do about it?? thanks

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     You could have very well injured yourself  while skiing and not even have realized it. All it takes is one wrong move,turn or twist. Also the motor home bed could have added to the injury causing more pain. I know the motor home beds are not great.
How long have you been hurting?
You need to ask your Mom/Dad to make an appointment and have some test such as x-rays done. You can go to the ER also and they will do them there.
Do not put it off.
You may have just pulled a muscle. This is not really that serous if this is the case it just takes time to heal. Try a heating pad and see if that helps. Also you can take some ibuprofen and that should help with swelling. inflammation and pain.
A hot bath should also help the pain.
Let us know how the test turn out and how your doing.
Good luck sweetie:)
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Thank you so much! Your reply really helped. My back has been hurting for about 2 days now. I'll let you know what happens.
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I hope your feling better very soon:)
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