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MS Contin causes pain?

Has anyone experienced MORE pain when adding an ER med (MS Contin) to a four hour pain med (hydrocodone)?  I think the medical term is opioid induced hyperalgesia.  I went from 5-6  hydrocodone 100/325 per day to 15 mg MSContin 2/day for long acting relief with up to 4  100/325 hydrocodone for breakthrough pain.  After three months my Fibro pain is deeper and stronger than ever.  I don't tolerate "oxy" meds (Percocet) well, so trying oxycodone ER doesn't appeal.  Has anyone tried Hysingla ER or Zohydro ER?
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Hi MollyGray,

Welcome to our Pain Management Community. I'm glad you found us and took the time to post.

Yes I've heard of opioid-induced hyperalgesia. It's an opioid-induced abnormal sensitivity to pain. It's usually observed in ppl with long term use of opioids. It is not usually associated with one particular opioid but rather opiates in general. My personal opinion is that it's over used with physicians.

I'm more inclined to think that MS Contin is simply not effective in treating your pain. In simple terms your system may not utilizing it correctly. You've had to reduce your previous amount of SA hydrocodone (I think you mean 10/325 and not 100/325) thus reducing it's effectiveness. opioid-induced hyperalgesia may play a role in your situation also.

I did not do well on Qxycodone, SA or LA. It doesn't make sense to most ppl that Hydrocodone is more effective for me. My PMP explained that my system just didn't utilize the oxy as well as most other ppls systems do.

Both Hysingla ER and Zohydro ER are the newer extended release (LA) forms of Hydrocodone. I haven't been on either. My PMP states his other patients haven't reported great results. Sorry I don't have personal information on their effectiveness.

Sadly if indeed you are experiencing opioid-induced hyperalgesia you'll also experience it with Hysingla ER and Zohydro ER.

Other members may have personal experience with Hysingla ER or Zohydro ER - at any rate I expect you'll have more responses to your post.

I hope you'll become an active member of our community. This is a great support community - and we all learn from one another. I'll look forward to your updates and/or any additional questions or comments you may have.

My Best to You,
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I have similar results with percocet/ Oxycontin so my Dr. prescribed me to a higher dose of hydrocodone. They are more expensive because they have to be compounded at a specialty pharmacy but it is worth it to me because of the multiple injuries I've had over the years. My back being the worst of them. I would ask your doctor if he/she will try this as an alternative
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Thanks for your input. Most ppl find it hard to believe that hydrocodone would be more effective than oxycodone in reducing or controlling pain. It's nice to "meet" someone that gets it.  

Medical science has learned it's how our individual systems metabolize certain drugs - that determine how effective one drug is compared to another.

Some PM Clinics are utilizing a new swab DNA test to determine how a person's body metabolizes different drugs. They base they RX on that DNA swab. My PMP believes the test is not yet perfected. He sees flaws in it. I have almost zero knowledge in chemistry. I learned just enough to pass exams and too quickly forget it. These DNA metabolism tests are chemistry based. I may understand the results but not how they reached those results.

Thanks again for your input.
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