Will 3  5/325 Percocet be enough for me?
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I have no idea.  This is something that's between you and your doctor.  Are you feeling as your pain is managed through out the day?  Are you on top of the pain?  If so, then this is enough for your pain management.  If you are not getting efficent pain relief, then it's not enough.  Every body is different when it comes to dosing of thier medications.  Good luck.
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Hello Again Grampy,

I am so sorry that you are apparently still trying to find good pain management. My heart goes out to you.

Unfortunately I can't tell you if three, 5/325 Percocet will be enough to control you pain. I do think that it is a good starting place. Please take them as prescribed and report back to your doctor with their effectiveness.  And please let us know if they are effective.

Depending on your pain level and how long the pain has gone untreated, it may take several days before you will know the full effectiveness of the medication. So hang in there and hopefully this will be enough to manage your pain.

As always I wish you the very best and will look forward to hearing from you again.

Take Care,
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Hi again Grampy,

I'm glad that you have received your Pain Management!! This is really good news.

Like Tuck and RunningMom said there is really no way that we would be able to tell you what meds to take. That is totally up to your Doctor.

As Tuck said it very well may take several days before this starts to work.

Just be sure taht you take them as prescribed and when you get back to your Doctor then together with him you can evaluate how effective they were for you.

We'll be anxiously waiting to hear from you and how your next appointment went and how your pills did!!

Good Luck,,,,,Sherry
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I was on  5/325 Percocet I took 2 every 4 to 6 hours and it did help my pain but my pain is so much different then yours.
That is a good question for your dr, to see if that will be enough to control your pain. I know you have been thru a lot and I am hoping all the best for you.
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