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Morphine Sulfate IR prescription opana

I am currently prescribed morphine sulfate 30 mg and morphine 100 mg. I recently took a drug test where Oxymorephone showed up in my urine test. Does either of these pills contain the components of oxymorphone or opana? Any help will be appreciated!
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Hi and Welcome.

Please excuse my tardy response. Our site is undergoing some format changes and some how I missed your post. I'm sorry.

How was the UDS preformed? Did they utilize the  Gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy (GCMS), which is highly accurate for UDT, and is considered to have a less than 0.5% false-positive rate?

On a UDS using the GC/MS or LC/MS Opiates UDS the metabolites of Morphine, may show Hydromorphone if on high dose or chronic Morphine .

I found another site that stated, "A new study confirm that hydromorphone is a minor metabolite of morphine and appears on urine drug testing (UDT)." This was an older article but still was discussing the results of a Gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy GCMS, UDS.
In a GCMS, UDA Codeine, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Oxymorphone, 6-acetyl morphine (Heroin metabolite) is an unexpected result.

Another study: hydromorphone was detected in patients treated with high-dose morphine. The ratio of hydromorphone to morphine ranged from 0.2 to 2.2%. Oxymorphone was not detected in any specimen from high-dose morphine or high-dose hydromorphone patients. The authors conclude, based on these data, that oxymorphone is not a metabolite of morphine or hydromorphone.
I wish I had better answers for you. I am not super knowledgeable in Chemistry. This was not imperative some years ago - so I am learning.  All I can do is research for metabolites and UDS various results - though I do understand when I read them.    

I hope you have a member that can provide you with better news. I can't guess why you have false a UDS. Some substances can change results - and there is always human error, though not normally considered when interrupting UDS.

Best of luck to you. Please let us know how this turns out for you. We all learn from one another.

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Tuck that was a really good answer.  Have you heard of the ones that doctors use in their office?  It is like an automatic test.  The urine is placed in the receptacle and it supposedly shows different types of drugs in the system.  I'm asking as a friend of mine told me about this.  She did not know the name of it,  Thank you
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