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NO DRUGS for pain management

I have a very rare lung disease that caused me to have 8+ Pneumothoraces in the year 2005.(chest tubes - hospitalize 3-7 days at time for each)  In December I had a Pleurodesis done on my left lung (adheres the lung to the inside of the chest cavity) so it would stop collapsing!  (Both of my lungs are full of blebs/cysts - when one of them ruptures/bursts that causes my lung to collapse.)  I have been in pain ever since I had that procedure done!!  I should have completely recovered from it in just a few months.  But now I hurt with every breathe I take!  Sneezing, coughing, yawning, crying etc. hurts like hell!  I take pain meds daily >>> IS THERE ANY OTHER PAIN MANAGEMENT I COULD TRY OTHER THEN ALL THE PILLS??
Thanks for any help you have for me!  :)) Vicki
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It can't hurt to try acupuncture.   It does not help everyone, but can be very effective for pain management.    Call around, though, because prices can vary a lot.    Have you thought about seeing a doctor that specializes in pain management?  I would definitely make an appt with a pain mgmt doctor is you have not.   BTW- my husband had bilateral pleurodesis as he had several pneumothorax and had a lot of blebs on both sides.  That was about 10 years ago and he is doing pretty well now, but stil has some pain, especially when he gets the hiccups.  I'm sorry that you are in such pain and I hope you find some relief.  
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with breathing problems your doctor has probally ruled out using Duragesic pain patch ? right ?? If not it may be a alternative to all the pills.. I am weaning off it .. I just dont like the side effects of the patch.. Most pain meds carry the side effects I just want to see if I can live without them for a while before hip surgery,,
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