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Narcotic Alternative

What is a good resource to explore alternative pain management methods to narcotics?

I am prescribed 40mg of oxycodone (just the oxy, no tylenol component) daily, from the VA.  I have taken this dose for about 10 years.  I'm relatively responsible about it - I take only what I need to take the edge off pain, I never take it for pleasure, and I have built up a few months' stockpile of it by taking less than my prescribed dose.  I stop taking it for at least a week or more every 4 months or less to monitor myself for signs of addiction.  I don't have withdrawal or any signs of addiction when I stop taking it (just more pain).

I don't feel like I need to take pills to feel normal.  I have some damaged body parts, and my pain is use dependent. Some days I take 80 or 120mg, some days I take none.

My job requires me to routinely walk construction sites, maybe two days per week.  I'm missing joints in one leg (due to fusions), and some days I don't have 100 steps in me without something to dull the pain. I'll soldier through anything I can, but my foot can give out and throw me on the ground pretty quickly.

All that being said, I'd like to stop taking narcotics altogether. I take naproxen and ibuprofen - but most days these aren't enough.  I'm looking for something to replace the narcotics and keep me functioning well enough to earn a living.

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I would suggest methadone it last all day, unlike other meds, it has less abuse potential, and really works great, you will find yourself taking only one 10mg a day or even two 10mg daily. this is much better then needing to take many pills a day. good luck sir
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Methadone is still a narcotic, and does nothing for pain, right?  That sounds like the exact opposite of what I need?
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While methadone is a good choice for many people with chronic pain, I would just suggest that you learn all you can about it.  It was suggested for me and after researching it, I decided not to go that route.  If you ever want to come off it, the withdrawal can be extremely difficult.  Not sure where your pain is or what kind of pain it is, but I use topical prescription gels, lidoderm patches, and have had several procedures, like lidocaine infusions.  I still have to go on narcotics for a time due to the pain increasing my BP and not being able to get it down.  Acupuncture is something I wanted to try but could not get approval through my worker's comp insurance.
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