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Need someone to chat with failed spine surgery

I had L4/L5 and L5-S1 fused last Nov.  I am now told have nerve damage, pain meds make me sick cannot eat or go to the bathroom.  Now setup for a spine stimulator is there anyone out there who can chat with me.  I am so lonely and don't ever think I will get my life back.  Due to the pain meds which do not control the pain I am 5'8" tall and now only weigh 106 lbs.  Any helpful tips or sharing an experience I am seeking.
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Hi and Welcome to the Pain Management Forum. I am sorry to hear about your failed surgery and the Chronic Pain (CP) you are experiencing. We can relate. Although my CP is not from a failed back surgery I know how difficult the journey through chronic pain can be.

You are not alone. Although I fought it for years I finally had to give up two beloved careers due to the pain and disabilities brought about by a horrific MVA. It can get lonely. I am blessed to have a few supportive friends and my soul-mate spouse. I'd be lost without them. However I still find that the members on this site are the best... they get it!!

Our archives contain some very good informative on past posts and conversations regarding SCS (Spinal Cord Simulators). Please don't post or comment on them but please do read them.

I also encourage you to respond to other posters. Feel free to offer suggestions or support. If you're active in our community ppl will reach out to you too. You can send a note or a Personal Message to me and often other members will accept the same.
I am sorry that nothing has been effective in controlling your pain. I hope the SCS will bring bring you some relief. Please let us know how you are doing... and again be active in our community. I'll look forward to hearing from you.

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I am so sorry that your in so much pain. Pain can really cripple us mentally as well as physically. Just having someone who understands listen means a great deal. I have been dealing with chronic pain for over twenty years. Going through all the different pain management options and medications is very frustrating and it mentally drains you at times. Support is so very important.
have you thought about seeing a pain psychologist? I know it may sound like it wouldn't really help but it does. I was not liking the idea at all when my Doctor sent me years ago but after I went I felt so much better.
Do you have support from your family and friends?
I have a very supportive Husband and family and it makes all the difference. Also educating them on chronic pain helps them understand what your going through. Your not alone! I have had so much support and met so many awesome people here and it has helped me through some of the toughest times in my life.
You mentioned that the pain medications are not working for you. Have you tried several different ones? Do you have a PMP that is working with you to the pain under control? It may take awhile to find the right medicine and regimen for you but do not give up you will find something.
No drug is going to completely take all the pain away. You will be able through trial and error to find something that will take enough of the pain away so that you can function but to hope for a medication that will make you pain free is unrealistic. I know a lot of people expect that pain medications work by taking all the pain away but it doe not in most cases.
You will be able to find a regimen that will allow you to function and live life though :)
I hope the stimulator helps you and you get some relief. It sounds like you have been through a lot and need some relief asap.
If you need someone to talk to or just want some one to listen I am here as well as many other great people here.
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I am so sorry you are going through this. Or have you gotten any answers/relief (posted in September)?? I too have chronic pain (long story) and after several years of pills that didnt help, my pain doc suggested an implanted pain pump. Very low dose Dilaudid. It worked!!!!!! Had the (minor) surgery nearly two years ago. It doesnt take away ALL the pain but has taken it down to a level I can handle. Until recently. I am currently going thru another sort of health crisis and for some reason, the pain is worse. But I am not going to go have them up the dose yet.....as I truly believe the increase is due to the other issue.(oh, ok. I am in withdrawal from a benzodiazipine and believe me, this is something you dont ever want to go through! Klonapin, Ativan, Xanax etc etc).
    I hope things have gotten better for you. Did you have the spine stimulator done??? What was it like, and does it help??? I have spine issues too (stenosis, osteoporosis and arthritis, oh boy) and maybe need a stimulator myself some day. Best wishes and hugs.
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I forgot: I would very much like to chat with you. I am in pretty deperate need myself and I am also very lonely in this mess.....no one I know has a clue what I'm going through. Nor do most of them relate to the chronic pain thing. I think some of them think I am just "med seeking."
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Hello: I couldn't help but ressopnd to your plea. I have to tell you that I haven't been an active member for over a year now but still visit once in a while and read the posts.
Failed back surgery is very common and for he most part in smokers as I am. I have had 6 back surgeries with the last one failing miserably. As much as my current Primary wants to help, there is only so much he can do.. I did see a neurosurgeon in the past month only to be told that if I didn't stop smoking, that I was not a candidate for surgery. Well, since that time, the last 1/2 weeks to be exact, I have been in the ER 3 times for pain management. Sure they are more than glad to help me...especially after seeing the Oct. 27th MRI. That told them that since my last MRI in June, I have deteriorated considerably. On the other hand, and after begging the ER to admit me, it was a no go. I am told that I need at least 2 weeks of non-smoking to qualify. The worst part is the pain that is so bad that I'm nearly out of my mind most days.

Reading your story made me REALLY feel for you. I know just where your at and coming from. Doctors have become so cautious when dispensing pain meds and we all know who to blame for that. Society. Our society has become filled with over prescribing, illicit drug use, bad Doctors out to make a buck ect....

You must hang in there. I'm confident that if you keep at this and present yourself in the ER enough (formal testing to your condition is almost a must)..something for the Doc's to go by. Previous surgeries, MRI's, CT's ect... If you don't have these types of tests which I'm sure you do with already having a surgery, KEEP at them until they listen. I'm doing that now.

I swore there would be no more surgeries for me! However, when you reach your breaking point, you have no other options.

I don't visit this site often anymore but if there is anything I can do...support, shoulder to cry on, let me know. I will forward my email address to you via private message.
Hang in there. Most of all, keep the faith.
My best,
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