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Next step is Aquatic Therapy and more PT ?

I am a 19 y/o female with who had a thoracic discectomy with platelet gel infusion a couple months ago although some improvements (not enough improvement where I am able to be functional, let alone start college) have been seen the pain is still aggravated with any type of movement or random activity.....cooking a meal creates HAVOC !

I recently had a new MRI with contrast and am shocked to hear the follow up visit. I was told that the MRI I just had   done, looks the MRI before surgery...... meaning the herniation is still very much there. I asked if there was a chance I reherniated and was told it was very slim that a reherniation occurred, since there are distinct characteristics that are seen with a reherniation or some jazz like that. So how is it possible I see improvements I then asked ? He explained that some disc material removed could have relieved compression therefore seeing some sort of improvement.

Because of my age, he is not to fond of the idea about another surgery unless the next plan of action falls through, I will be having aquatic therapy and more PT for 3 months( I recently had PT for about 10 weeks) , after that we will go from there. Looks like my more than 2 year journey of trying to find relief is not close to being over.

: ) At least I am having some improvement, better than nothing or being worse off after surgery  : )  

So has anyone had aquatic therapy?

Keep on shining,
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It doesn't look like aquatic therapy is common. Has anyone else tried it?
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Hi there! Thanks so much for giving me some info on aqautic therapy! Sounds very interesting.

Are you having the discogram with sedation?  I have had two discograms with sedation and the 1st one, which was a cervical discogram went very smoothly...I didn't remember a thing .The second discogram was done in the thoracic region, they sedated and woke me up as they were injecting the dye, I remember this discogram as clear as day, it wasn't that bad if you feel pain(which I did) ...if not you dont feel anything when they as you I am almost positive your in the clear as far as the pain coming from your disc(discogenic pain).

Word of advice, I was in the same boat as you, I have seen over ten doctors over a period 2 years and it took 11/2 years to get a proper diagnosis.I finally struck gold with my current doctor. I have had every procedure/test ever suggested to try to find out what is wrong. You just have to keep moving on. If someone tells you they can't help you its not the end of the world , you will eventually find someone to give you the relief you so desperately need just keep your head high and do as much research as can. I know it *****, but you can't just dwell on that fact alone. Good luck
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hello there im flash316 i'm in being stages of this but this is the second time i herniated my disc or at least it never fully went away from the first time i going for a discogram a month end with im totally scared of but so far ive had therapy chiropratic an meds some things help but that pool time wow it wasnt bad when they have me hang in the deep end on a noodle i felt weight less but when i would get out an but on my full weight ouch all over again now depending you pain scale most of the excerises are not hard there just fatigueing you may walk back an fourth in the shallow or you may do squats lift or move light foam things until they see what you can handle wish you you luck on you pain an life enjoyment because i feel the same with depression scared feeling like theres no where to turn overall first time i got ucky an had 2 shots an therapy an after 5 in a half months return to work an every day life this time not so luck im scared its been eight months an no luck with anything like i said earlier 2 drs already said surgery im only 33 so this discogram ugh that will hurt is my next step gosh i wish there was another way im sorry i said about me when you were looking for things for you i hope what i said was helpful though good luck
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I am so glad you did get atleast some relief. I have never tried aquatic therapy but I believe a couple members here have. I will see if I can remember which ones it was that had tried it and try and get in touch with them for you:)
Good luck and remember we are here for you even if you just need to vent or need support:)
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