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No longer a productive member of society?

That unfortunately is the new label I have acquired.
Its Medicare AKA: MediCrap - Mission statement.
I have a CT scan that shows neural foraminal narrowing and spurring from C-2-C-6.
Subluxation from C-7-T-1
ABNORMAL bicep and tricep reflexes.
I told every orthopedic, neurosurgeon and my primary care doctor I am dropping only EVERYTHING,
and that I have worsening left shoulder pain and my entire spine throbs (this is new) and now I have ins & needles in that area, also where the subluxation is.
I found out the following from .edu.MED.NYU :(website)
The triceps reflex is mediated by the C6 and C7 nerve roots, predominantly by C7. (abnormal)
The biceps and brachioradialis reflexes are mediated by the C5 and C6 nerve roots. (abnormal)

What does one have to do to get any treatment before I cannot hold anything in my hand?
Holding a pen causes a Charlie-horse type cramp, yet nobody seems to care.
I drop everything all the time. Things bounce out of my hand.

I am sick of every doctor I have.
They take your co-pay, charge my insurance and then refer me to their next colleague, so everyone gets to bill.
Meanwhile, my pain is worsening and my dexterity is as well.

Once you are out of work (thanks to a DRUNK DRIVER) they kick you to the curb and label you as "an unproductive member of society, that is no longer entitled to the same services as those who bring home a paycheck."
Yes, I was told that over the phone after MEDI-CRAP sucked back payment for the radio frequency procedure I had.
In retrospect, they decided, I am worthless and now that pain mgmt clinic will have nothing to do with me.
Dogs get treated better...so do people in jail.

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Sadly you're correct. Some ppl get the kind of treatment that you have experienced. You know my heart goes out to you.

Your anger is understandable. It's part of the process we CP patients we go through - your anger will subside - to a degree. I was told that as CP patients that lose their independence and lifestyle go through the stages of grief - or death and dying - because we have lost a part of ourselves. I know that was/is true for me. Anger is one of those stages.  

You are not worthless - none of us are. I'd like to believe that we all have a lot to give yet - regardless if we are able to be "productive" in the terms of earning a living wage.

I agree, our animals get better treatment. They are seen as poor helpless creatures - and that's great, I love them too - though not a one of them (except the very few) have ever earned a penny - or paid a penny into our government. Yet none are purposely left to suffer.

I don't know about ppl in jail -but I do know they get medical treatment regardless of their ability to pay - or their contributions.

I know how very maddening this unfair treatment can be. Many of us face that too. I'm angry at the person that ran me off the road. My actions saved her unsecured children from probably death or great bodily harm. My thank you was being hit by a loaded dump truck. She nor (her friend) the truck driver ever showed compassion for me or said they were sorry. I get your anger! Now we face untreated, poorly managed chronic pain. Don't look for justice or fairness - it's difficult to find if not impossible in many situations.

But never let those labels or Medicare win by getting you down! They don't seem to care - make sure you do care! We care! They win if they defeat you! You are worthy - and we're here to tell you that!

Keep up the fight. We'll support you!

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Omg. I  totally  understand  all anger  frustration. I  have  asked several  Drs did they buy their  degree. How much did it cost them to get that D R with their name. Well you can imagine  how much they loved it. I'm  here in your corner.
When my body gets little  stronger  (just out of hospital with  sepsis ) want to get major petition  going to  send to r Obama care  predident with his promise of all getting  QUALITY HEALTH CARE.
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So sorry to hear what you're going through Roots. Wow our situations are eerily similar. I've got a lot of dogs through my family and friends who absolutely love me because they know I'm just one slight slip or wrong move away till they have a nice big plate of thanksgiving dinner to chow down on. I too was forced to quit my job because of my pain situation and it took me close to three years before I finally found a pm doc to look at my films and actually begin to put me on a pain management schedule. Trust me I know how frustrating of a situation that you are in but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't give up hope. If possible burn quite a few CD's of your mri's or anything else you have and have someone if your not able to drop them off at all the pm clinics around your city till one actually looks at it. Just keep trying to find a doc that will feel some sense of sympathy towards you and begin treating you for your horrible pains that you are forced to deal with everyday. Hang in there and don't give up hope! One day hopefully soon you will find a dr that remembers that paper he signed called the hypocratic oath and show you some sympathy and provide you with the care you so deperatly need and deserve. Stay on here as much as possible cause I've found that it does help me a lot to read about others that are in the same position as yourself. Keep us posted and feel free to ask me anything. I've got a loooooot of free time on my hands and will gladly help in anyway that I can.
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I always welcome a kind ear and an understanding heart.
I was switched to Medicare as primary and that was in 2010.
I just turned 50, so why does MEDI-Crap (have to keep a sense of humor) treat us like we are 85?
Its like I am black balled for actual treatment that is not a pill.
I VOLUNTEER all the time, mostly from home, but its something.

Being productive member of society should not have t have a paycheck attached to it.
Giving in the purest form expects nothing in return!

Have a great day and again, THANK YOU for validating my disappointment about the health care.
The SPINE INSTITUTE called me and said: "Because Medi-crap is your PRIMARY insurance (ANTHEM BC is secondary) we need an $18,000.00 co-pay."
I hung up and cried~
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Thanks to you for your understanding nature,
I am not a dog hater either!  :-)
Just making a comparison is all.
They all REFER me to their colleagues so everyone gets to bill.
I leave no better off but my blood pressure must be on the rise.

I wrote to Senator Blumenthal (CT) and told him about the "Drunk driver-Liar of a Trooper, car crash," and how his LIES, made it impossible to sue her or the ORACLE BAR in NEW HAVEN, CT under DRAM SHOP.
The bills all came to me.
I want him to know, that sending him off duty without pay,still left me with injustice and they REFUSED to change the police report.
They left (4) re-written reports, with her "a phantom car hit me from behind and took off", as the story. There was no other car. He took her bumper (proof she LIED) and put it in his cruiser and had it crushed, that very night!
I put the names and dates in and told him, its wrong to label me as "unproductive" & no longer entitled to being treated like a human being.
Congress needs to be reminded of the mission statement of Medicare.

The worst is, the first fusion FELL APART and nobody believed me! They just stare at the MRI like it is their bible.
MRI's are worthless when you have HARDWARE in your neck.
It has to be a CT scan...even with that, the MRI said the "grafting was all jagged and protruding"....my entire throat area was BRIGHT PURPLE and they just ignored it? What is that? LOOK AT MY BRIGHT PURPLE NECK you morons.
I go in calm as a cucumber, and then they write, "in no distress". So, maybe next time, I need to go in hysterical and bawling my head off!
Then, they write you down as a "problem patient".
They label us all, FYI. Calm or hysterical, it does not matter, they still, kick me to the curb. We wait for 6 weeks for an appointment for this?
anyway....in 2010....a neurosurgeon said I needed the 2 levels above, fused.
When he cut me open, he saw that it was BROKEN and I was not a whiny, hypochondriac. "Wiggly screws and the plate popped off."
4 levels fused and apparently that is rare.

Five years later and now a new problem and I cannot even get his office to call me back or give me an appointment,,,,,,because (drum roll)...Medi-Crap became my primary insurance.
Its crap care and I worked and was a vested employee, I pay out of my pension for ANTHEM to be secondary, and out of my SS check, I pay $104.00 a month. If MEDICARE does not pay, then ANTHEM will NOT pay.
UNITED FRONT to a paying customer.
They really want to wear us down so we go commit suicide.
I yelled at the MEDICARE customer service rep, that exact statement and reminded HER, that one day someone will be telling you this!
KARMA is a beoch for all the evil deniers.
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You poor thing. I know exactly what you talking about. My Medicare payments are the same but Humana is my insurance that's covering my Medicare from ssa. I guess the only difference is I can't lay the blame on anyone but myself. When I was 14 I had to wear a giant brace from the tip of my ears to my groin for 23.5 hours per day for one year to try and straighten my spine. After a year the doc told me we need to wear it for another year. After that he said lets go another year and about halfway through that year I'd finally had enough. It was pretty hard for me now being in high school looking like the circus freak that my classmates were constantly teasing me about so I quit wearing the brace. Went back to doc and he said the only other option was putting rods in my back but since my spine was so twisted It would be between 1-2 years before I could return to school. Well I begged my parents not to make me do it and unfortunately they conceded. Boy if I could only go back 30 years. So except for some **** poor Dna and my whining I've got no one to blame but myself. But you're 100% correct at least if I was a dog they would put me down so I wouldn't have to suffer anymore but for whatever reason it's perfectly fine to have a person suffer with little or no help. I don't get it!!! Guess it's just like you said just keep wearing us down till we can't take it anymore and decide to end it the only way we know how. Then we're out of the system and no longer a drain on society. Oh the almighty hypocratic oath. When did it get changed to properly insured patients only?

Thanks in advance for letting me rant and ramble on.

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One of the huge emotional challenges in chronic illness  involves learning to adjust to the losses and limitations of the chronic life. It involves standing up in the face of shame and disparity. It involves humility and asking for help.

Many find this challenge to be too much. They drift off into despair, depression, and sometimes, death.

I'm here to remind you that living with chronic pain and chronic illness requires courage, confidence, and perseverance.

Yes, we lose our patience, and at times it feels as if we lose our minds. Life is not fair. Bad things happen to good people, for sure, but why is is so damn hard?

Yes, finding treatment for chronic pain has become more difficult during these past 7-8 years. Why is it so damn hard?

Yes, chronic life is disturbing, depressing, and can be dehumanizing. Why is it so damn hard?

The answers to these questions are our there. Go find them.

You have a choice.

You can take it, and let them grind you into dust. They would prefer if we would just go away -- all 100 million of us.

Or you can fight it. Stand up and say -- "I'm not going to let you shame me today for needing pain medication."

"I'm not going to allow you to ignore my suffering."

If you never learn another phrase of Latin, remember this one and live by it.

non illegitimi carborundum

It's easy. The first word is non, and means no, not, do not -- it's a statement of negation.

The second word looks difficult, but is the root of a common word in English -- illegitimate -- the cruel label we once used for children born out of wedlock.

The third word may be familiar to some men, but perhaps not to many women -- carburundum.

Carburundum is a verb that means "to wear down"

Taken together, this phrase means:

Don't let the bastards wear you down.

You have a right to pain treatment.

Who says so?

The group of scientists and medical professionals who study pain, and call themselves the International Associated for the Study of Pain, IASP for short.

In 2010 the IASP wrote the concise Declaration of Montreal, a document that every person living with intractable pain should be aware.

Here's the entire Declaration of Montreal:


Read it -- it's short and to the point.

Here's one concept you should keep with you from this Declaration of Montreal:

n of Montreal
In This Section

    Global Year Against Pain
    International Pain Summit
    Declaration of Montreal
        Sign the Declaration
    Desirable Characteristics of National Pain Strategies
    Pain Initiatives

Declaration of Montréal
Declaration that Access to Pain Management Is a Fundamental Human Right

We, as delegates to the International Pain Summit (IPS) of the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) (comprising IASP representatives from Chapters in 64 countries plus members in 130 countries, as well as members of the community), have given in-depth attention to the unrelieved pain in the world,

Finding that pain management is inadequate in most of the world because:

    There is inadequate access to treatment for acute pain caused by trauma, disease, and terminal illness and failure to recognize that chronic pain is a serious chronic health problem requiring access to management akin to other chronic diseases such as diabetes or chronic heart disease.
    There are major deficits in knowledge of health care professionals regarding the mechanisms and management of pain.
    Chronic pain with or without diagnosis is highly stigmatized.
    Most countries have no national policy at all or very inadequate policies regarding the management of pain as a health problem, including an inadequate level of research and education.
    Pain Medicine is not recognized as a distinct specialty with a unique body of knowledge and defined scope of practice founded on research and comprehensive training programs.
    The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 5 billion people live in countries with low or no access to controlled medicines and have no or insufficient access to treatment for moderate to severe pain.
    There are severe restrictions on the availability of opioids and other essential medications, critical to the management of pain.


And, recognizing the intrinsic dignity of all persons and that withholding of pain treatment is profoundly wrong, leading to unnecessary suffering which is harmful; we declare that the following human rights must be recognized throughout the world:

Article 1. The right of all people to have access to pain management without discrimination.

Article 2. The right of people in pain to acknowledgment of their pain and to be informed about how it can be assessed and managed.

Article 3. The right of all people with pain to have access to appropriate assessment and treatment of the pain by adequately trained health care professionals.

It's your right -- claim it.

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My cut and paste seemed to fail.

Let me try it again. From the IASP's Declaration of Montreal:


And, recognizing the intrinsic dignity of all persons and that withholding of pain treatment is profoundly wrong, leading to unnecessary suffering which is harmful; we declare that the following human rights must be recognized throughout the world:

Article 1. The right of all people to have access to pain management without discrimination.

Article 2. The right of people in pain to acknowledgment of their pain and to be informed about how it can be assessed and managed.

Article 3. The right of all people with pain to have access to appropriate assessment and treatment of the pain by adequately trained health care professionals.

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