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Opioid urine testing

I have been seeing a pain management practice for the last few years now for lower back pain. Just a couple days ago I had an appointment with a routine urine test. Currently I am scared I will test positive as I had used a small amount of IV Dilaudid as well as a small amount of IV ketamine. This is something that I typically do not do, don’t make any habit out of it and speaking honestly I can say I’m not addicted to it and was merely trying it out of curiosity. It had been a few days before the urine test that it was introduced into my system and I’m worried that I would pop a positive test for this. So my question to you is should I either lie to him and tell him I have no idea how that happened or should I be completely open and honest and explain the situation. Do you think Either of those options would be better and minimize the damage to continuing with this practice and the provider? Another option would be to confess to this before he even brings up any testing results even if it might show up negative. What would be your opinion?
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Tell them before you take the test. How did you get IV Ketamine and IV Dilaudid? Neither is legally available outpatient unless prescribed by a physician FOR you while in hospital or direct medical care.
And I would suggest that you should prepare yourself for dismissal/discharge.
I think you already know this and are hoping someone can offer you an excuse/reassurance that the dr won’t find out or will overlook it- I don’t think any dr would overlook obtaining medications illegally or self medicating/IV drug misuse- at least I would hope not. To do so is dangerous, not only for you but for any other patient he treats.
Self medicating, misusing, abusing, obtaining medications NOT prescribed to you is dangerous and could have resulted in your death.
There is no I only tried it once to see what it was like as a valid excuse- there isn’t one.
I know this sounds harsh- and I won’t apologize for that.  Obtaining those drugs, using them was dangerous, illegal, and could have caused as overdose or death.
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