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Pain After 2 Years?

Is it normal to still be experiencing major pain from a herniated disk after 2 years?
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pain is what the patient states it is...and we r all different...a herniated disc could go un-noticed by many..and in fact most everyone over 40 has at least one herniated disc...ruptured discs get a bit more hairy but even then some have no pain or very little pain compaired to some others....so pain is that persons perception..it coould be ur herniation is pressing on a nerve...surgey is often a bad option for many unlss u r past the point of functioning....as we age the spin compresses and the discs get a it squished due to the compression process....there r lost of factors that can come into play which can cause pain tho..often chiroptractic can help maintain a fairly painfree life for many..it wont make it go away but can help tremendously.....strengthening like yoga and safe exercising can also help....heat and ice, anti-inflammatories,,,muscle relaxers, injections can all come into play if it worsens...i would say try natural modes of pain releief vs pills...if u can   good luck
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Hi Darla,

Welcome to the Pain Mangement Forum. I am sorry to hear that your pain continues following repair surgery.

Please let me clarify that I am not a physician or an expert. Some surgeries are more successful that others, for varying reasons. My father had a very successful disc repair some years ago and required no pain medication for years. Others have posted on this forum and state that their pain is worse or has not improved following disc surgery. So I'm not sure what is considered "normal."

I would inform your PCP of this issue and request a referral to an ortho specialist. You could probably benefit from an MRI just to "see" what may be going on in that area. Once you have the facts you will have choices. You will no longer have to guess or wonder if your pain is something that is life long or something that can be repaired or treated.

I hope you will keep us informed on how you are doing. If you have additional questions please feel free to ask. I will look forward to your updates.

Take Care,
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