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I saw the pain clinic yesterday. I have been 10/325 4 percs a day. He wants to keep me on that one month and then try a short and long lasting.next month. What does he mean by short and long?
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He is going to add a long acting medication like oxycontin or MS Contin along with the short acting percocet.  It will help your pain a great deal and the long acting medicine can last up to 12 hours on some people.  I take a long acting medicine every 8 hours and I take percocet which is a short acting medicine for breakthrough pain.
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Hi Grampy!!

Glad to hear from you again!!  Hope you are doing well.

This is GREAT news.  Your PM Doctor is taking your pain SERIOUSLY and REALLY wants to help you.  It sounds like you found yourself a GOOD Doctor this time.

I'm on a long-lasting Medicine. I have the Fentanyl Patches for LT ( Long Term) Meds and on the same Percocets that you are the 10/325's for BT  (Break Through) Meds.  The LT (Long Term) would last you for most of the day and the BT (Break Through) you would take WHEN you felt your pain becoming bad.  This way you get REALLY good Pain Control.

PLEASE let us know what he puts you on next month!!  I'm REALLY happy for you, Grampy!!

Good Luck.......Sherry

PS Tuck is off on a trip right now so she won't get to this until sh gets back BUT I'm SURE that she will want to post to you!!!
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I am a CL here too and have worked very hard for MH for a long time:)
Your Doctor wants to put you on an extended release formulas because the medication your on is a short acting medication that will eventually stop working due to tolerance and you will just have to keep taking more and more.
Most CP Pt's do take a long acting medicine with a short acting medication for break thru pain.
It will much more effective at leveling out your pain levels and keeping them at a low rate where the short acting medicine will only work for a couple hours and then the pain is back full force.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask:)
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It sounds like you've found a good doctor.  The use of LT and BT pain meds at the same time is the best way to manage CP.  Everyone's pain and, subsequently treatment for pain, is different.  This sounds like a great plan for you, though.  
Please do let us know how it goes at your next appt.
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Hello Grampy,

It is so good to hear from you again. I am grateful that you are keeping us updated and asking good questions. But more importantly I am happy that you are now under the care of a PMP (pain managment physician). It is very important that every one has a good doctor-patient relationship but I beleive this is even more true for chronic pain patients.

It's been explained well, short term (acting) and long term medications are usually the best way to managment chronic pain. It may be a trial and error period to find which meds are most effective in reducing and controlling your pain.

So be patient. Be sure to tell you PMP which meds at which does is or is not effective for you. Not all medications work the same for everyone. Good communication is vital during this trial and error process.

Again I am so very happy that you have found a PMP. I wish you the very best and will look forward to hearing from you again soon. Don't hesitate to ask additional questions or tell us how you are doing. I am so happy you are on the right road. :)

I'll be thinknig of you.

Take Care,
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