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Pain Management

I am prescribed 6 Norco per day for degenerative osteoarthritis and have gotten to the point that I take all or most first thing in the morning just to get going.  Lately, I've been taking up to 10 per day total.  I started a little over a year ago with 2 Vicodin per day.  I feel like I'm on a merry-go-round.  I want the pain relief, I want the buzz but I know this is not working.

I can't imagine not using something for the pain.  Am I just fooling myself?  How do people manage with severe arthritis without some time of narcotic?
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Hello Freakn,

Welcome to the Pain Management Forum.

Your use of opiates at the least borders on the edge of abuse. I am not saying you have an addiction issue. You have not provided enough information to know if you are over using because the pain is not properly controlled or because as you said, "I want the buzz."

I do not obtain a "buzz" from my opiates. Sure maybe the first day or so I had a bit of a fuzzy feeling but it didn't last and I didn't seek it. I was just grateful for the pain relief. The opiates were busy doing what they were suppose to do, manage my pain and not give me a "high."

I am concerned for you. I suggest you have a heart to heart with your PMP. He/she will have the best answers for you. It's a fact that less then 4% of patients with true chronic pain ever become addicts. I am not sure where you fall. Are you taking all the Norco because your pain is so extreme you can't handle it... or are you taking it for the "buzz"?

Only you can answer that.... and you don't need to tell me. You do need to be honest with yourself so you can find solutions. There are pain medications that are not easy to abuse. You may require those in order to manage your pain and not get further into addiction IF that is what is where you are headed.  

You may simply not be well controlled but the concern is your admitted want for the "buzz."  You may find your best answers from a Pain Management Therapist. I don't want you to get unduly labeled IF you are not exhibiting addictive behaviors. So be cautious.

I encourage you to post on our Addiction, Substance Abuse Forum. They have more knowledge of addictive behaviors or when ppl may be headed in that direction then I.  Here's the link:


Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. Feel free to ask additional questions. Our members may have better or more suggestions also.

Good Luck and Take Care,
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I originally posted on the Addiction, etc. forum but my post was moved by someone to this forum.  I have had problems with alcohol and other drugs in the past so I know that I have addiction issues.  I am trying to find a way to manage the pain without going off the deep end.

The solution for me may be to give the pills to a close friend and just keep enough for 2 or 3 days in my possession.  I hate how weak that sounds, but, hey...facts are facts and I do have the addiction issues. I'm wondering how others handle this problem.  

As I said, my pain is certainly genuine.  I live on a very limited income and the doc says the hydros are the cheapest way to go.  I have been forthcoming with him about my past.

He would prefer to prescribe oxy and has also has suggested methadone.  He knows I can't afford the oxy and I am very leery of the methadone as I have heard that they are harder to withdraw from.

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