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You know,
I have spoken to people about it and believe it or not I have even given people advice on this subject, yet at times I feel extremely inadequate to be doing so. The subject?  Pain management. I am not going to be melodramatic, just honest- I have nothing to gain to be anything other than this. I am dying. We all are, right? Well maybe mine is just coming a little faster than others. This is the thing. My son is young still at 11. I want to enjoy him and my wife as much as I can. To do this it requires pain killers of the HEAVY variety. I have my wife hold them in a locked box because I dont want to accidentally take too much , and I like having my wife ask me if I REALLY need this extra pill at this time- when those times come up. The upside is , the pills take pain away and I am able to do more physically. The downside to this is that sometimes I get so bad that the damn things cause me to forget things, disable me from driving safely(which I will not do) and other things. So I have this constant juggle that I am doing. I guess there really is nothing else to be said about it - or is there? Anyone else going thru something similar that maybe can point me in a direction that I have over looked?
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sounds like you have a good plan in place to me. just my oppinion if the pills make it easier for you to spend quality time with your son i think its fine, i would do the same thing. having your wife hold them and give them out as needed is an excellent idea. i wish you and your family the best of everything.
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I wish that I had something more solid and concrete for you....I have a liver that is trying to fail on me....some days are really good .... and some arent so good. Many times I thought that i would never see my son get his drivers license ....... now I have already bailed him out of major speeding ticket. Never give up - - It took my own research to find a clinical trial at Mayo that saved my young *** at that time.....more things are coming along every day.....if you wish to chat about clinical trials or other specifics just shoot me a pm - I would be glad to talk with you - I was told one time that they wouldnt give me three days - that was 12 years ago!  Never give up the fight!
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I think you're handling the situation in a very mature way. Chronic pain is a very real condition that stems from an ailment, which I happen to be a part of. I went the wrong direction and tried to handle the HEAVY duty meds myself and ended up being addicted and not dependent. There's a huge difference, but every chronic pain patient has the same problem the only difference is how we handle it. It sounds like your wife is supportive and your son needs you AND you deserve to have the best life possible. Don't beat yourself up because you need the pain pills to function, instead applaude yourself for asking your wife to be your keeper of the meds.
I truly wish you the best and enjoy this wonderful time in your son's life even if you need the pills to accomplish that. No GUILT!!
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I agree with everyone here you are handling the situation the best way you can and you just have to look at the benefit verses the side effects. Your in pain and that has to be treated so you will have quality of life to enjoy your wife and son. Just don;t look down on the very thing that is allowing you to have that quality time. Drugs are there for a reason because you need them you should never feel guilty about using them. There are side effects to everything in life so I say the few side effects your having is nothing compared to the end result they give you and that is time with your family and being able to enjoy it. All too often we get to feeling guilty about having to depend on meds to get through our day but look at what our days would be without them, we certainly would not be able to enjoy anything as the pain would rule. I commend you on trying to avoid the pain meds but just know they are to make your life easier and more productive and not for making you feel guilty about something you have no control over, pain has to be controlled. Good luck and I wish you and your family only the best. Having a good outlook makes you feel better and therefore making your pain better.
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