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Pain Med Reduction

I have spine and headaches from automobile wrecks. My pain Dr. cut my meds 60% without a warning citing Dea pressures.  He wants to give steroid shots, but I fear sugar level surges as I have diabetes and know it is a short term fix with a limited amount of uses before becoming ineffective.   I am disabled and on ssi and my physician choices are sparse.  Previously my quality of life was good   but this new dosage has kept me unable to do normal housework or yard and home maintenance for 2 months. It is torture to suffer  social isolation and undignified mental health when a proven solution is  available. I've worked hard, lived a clean lifestyle and the payoff is to not have the ability to even sleep well now. I need advice.
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Hello, newrich! :)  I'm so happy you have found our PM ( Pain Management ) Forum.

I went back and read.your original post from 2007 and I want you to know how VERY sorry I am for everything you have been thru.  :(   You have.gone thru so much and still keep going no matter what is thrown at you.  

You are definitely correct to be weary of the steroid shots being a diabetic.  I lost my husband to Diabetes 18 years ago and it's a debilitating disease and I'm glad to see that you are so versed in what you should and shouldn't take when it will affect your Diabetes.  The best thing you can do is to see your Dr. that handles your Diabetes, whether it's your Endocrinologist or PCP (Primary Care Physician).  Discuss with them the steroid shots and see if it's to your benefit to take them and should you and your Dr.'s (PCP & PMP) decide it is to your benefit then they will be able to control your extra sugar and you will have no problems.

May I ask what meds you are on for your pain?  The reason I ask, is because IF you don't have an long acting pain med right now, maybe that would work for you as well as the meds you are given now.  Unfortunately, the DEA has REALLY messed up things for us CP patients!  It's scared some of the Dr.'s much that they have taken what the DEA has set as GUIDELINES ONLY & refuse to give any patient anything more than that when they CAN give more as long as there pain is documented by X-rays, MRI's, Cat Scans, etc.  It's a horrifying situation for us CP Patients!  

I wish you the best and will be looking for your updates.
                                   .............  Sherry   :)
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I meant to tell you that Tuckamore will be along shortly to bring her expertise to help you.  She's extremely knowledgeable and has experienced a MVA (Multiple Vehicle Accident) and will have much more knowledge on what you are experiencing.  

Again, I'm thinking of you and looking forward to hearing from you again.  I HOPE you will remain active on our PM Forum as you have so much to offer.
                                         ..........  Sherry   :)
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Hi Newrich,

Welcome to our Pain Management Forum. You've been gone a long time from MedHelp. It's good to see you back - though sorry it's for a not so good reason.

I too was in a very traumatic MVA. By all accounts I survived a non-survivable accident. Unfortunately like you, it's left me with multiple chronic pain issues. My heart goes out to you.

Sadly you have also found yourself in the same position I was last year. My PMP cut my opiates by over 60%. I've never been able to get back, or even close to what I was being prescribed. I have no answers for you. I wish I did. Like you I have a lot more "down time".  

Also like you I've worked very hard and lived the "clean life."  Since being on opiates I've taken meds as ordered and followed all the rules.

I've been the route of steroid injections. My most pressing pain causing issue will not respond to any - and I mean any treatment. So what do we do? I don't have a good suggestion. I'm on my third PMP since the reduction.

My current PMP has worked with me a bit more, given me a few choices. If your PMP is not willing to work with you consider looking for another.

The DEA and general opiate-phobic climate isn't going to change any time soon. It is my hope - and prayer that there will be changes. We do have organizations working on our behalf to get some of the "laws" changed and the mood lightened. It's not going to happen over night - indeed it may not happen for years. In the meantime we can only search for compassionate physicians and do our best.

I don't mean nor want this response to be about me. I'm trying to tell you I'm where you are and I've not been able to find any good answers. I'm as close as one can get to terminal and yet no good PM.

Our hope lies in these organizations that are arguing our cases. Write to your government representative, like your Congressman, Senator and don't forget our President. Look for petitions that recognizes our plight and sign them. Be active in the movement to reverse the swing of the pendulum. We should not be forced to live with Intractable Pain. We treat our animals better than we treat our chronic pain patients.

I wish you well. Please keep in touch. We'll get through this together. I'll look forward to hearing from you often.

My Best,
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I know I've had to go to the streets at times. not exactly the right thing to do but they force us. I to am one that's been on pain meds for 30+ yrs. n never misused them. always took the way I was told now I feel I'm the one they are punishing.
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Hello Sherry, I was on 100mg Oxycodone per day. #0 mg 3 times as well as 10 mg for "breakthrough" pain. Thanks for your kind words.
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Hey Tuckmore,
Thanks for writing. I was doing well and a nice  lady ran a stop sign and T boned my truck which curtailed "normal" life. Higher med dosages helped me move around and cook, do chores and drive. After several years out of the blue a 60% med cut with no warning is a bit draconian. This new bullying style has soured me on my PM doc a bit as many years have passed without incident. He wants to keep his Porsche. I do not want steroids until it is a last resort. The folks that are in pain want to get out of bed and have a bit of life that they  are entitled to. It is a good time for folks to mobilize and demand fair treatment for their brief time on this planet.
I have been using PEMF as well as kratom and it does help with pain. These options are not recognized in this country by Pharma and for good reason.
Thanks for all of your effort and time,
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Hi Rich,

I want you to know that I get it. I'm distressed and in pain too. It seems like no one cares - but all the kind ppl on this forum - like you.

I don't have the time to see this opiate-phobic climate change. I'm not alone. Many of us will love out the few months or years we have in pain. When one knows that it doesn't have be that way it makes you wonder just how important we are to our society.

We hope to "see" you here again soon.

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Rich, you are exactly right. I'm right there with both you & Tuck as I won't be around to see any change either.  :(   I just hope that IF your 2 Dr.'s (PM & PCP or Endocrinologist ) can work out a plan for steroid shots that WON'T hurt you in anyway, that the shots will be of benefit to you.  

Again, I'm just so very sorry that you have been put in this position by a Dr. that you have had for years and have trusted.  :(

I HOPE you will become an active member here on MH because you have so much to offer.

I look forward to hearing you future updates!    
Best wishes & I'll be thinking of you!
                                    ............    Sherry  :)
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Stories like yours just break my heart. It's so unfair to let anyone stay in unbearable pain when medication is available to take that pain away.
I'm one of the very few lucky people who has a caring Dr. She is still very afraid of getting in to trouble and has chose just a few of her patients that she will prescribe to. I know at any time, even my next visit, she might tell me that she is no longer prescribing to any of her patients because she's so tired of living in fear. I plan to explain to her that the chances of her getting in to trouble are almost non existent and hopefully this will ease her mind. I do as much research as possible and I found that since these new "laws" took effect only .001% have gotten in to trouble. We know these are the pill mill Drs and they should have their licenses taken away. If I were you I would talk to your Dr about educating his self on what he can and can not do. I have found nothing stating that a Dr can only prescribe a certain amount of pills per day to a patient. Many of us need to be on long acting and short acting  medications and this can mean 7 or 8 pills per day. You're so right, we deserve good pain management and we do not deserve to suffer. Like I said, I do a lot of research and look for petitions. I read everything carefully to make sure they are indeed for the pain patient before I sign them. I also plan to start my own petition very soon. It's very important to me to try my best to make a difference. If I sit back and do nothing then there's no chance that things will change.
I'm so sorry for my very long comment. Your post touched my heart. The two members that have commented on your post are very dear to me. They are both such caring and wonderful women. They both gave you great advice and a lot of support.
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When you get your petition ready PLEASE let me know!  I would love to be one of the first to sign it!!  I'm sure that you will get overwhelming support from almost EVERYONE here on MH.  

YOU GO GIRL!!!!     ..........       SHERRY    :)
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I will Sherry. I'm working on facts, which can be a hard thing to do. You can't believe everything you read on the internet. I know that I've learned so much from the members here and this is really going to help.
I would love to see our Drs take more control and fight for us. I understand that many of them are scared. That's such a shame because it keeps them from treating us properly. I'm finding nothing about thousands of Drs losing their licenses because they're treating their pain patients properly. Like I said, what I did find is it's been .001% of Drs who have lost their license. When you consider that we do have many thousands of Drs in our country this number is nothing. We've lost that personal relationship with our Drs and so many of us are getting thrown in to pain management and treated like criminals. I do believe this is all because of fear. Fear of something is most likely never going to happen. I would like to see a program put in place for our Drs that teaches them about chronic pain patients. Many of them only get a few hours during their training to learn about how to treat and deal with chronic pain patients.
I'm not nearly as knowledgeable as many of you are here on the pain forum. I learn from you. I want to make a difference though and I want to help if I can. It's not right to ever let anyone suffer needlessly. If we have chronic pain then we need help. We don't need to suffer and we don't need to be treated like criminals just because we're trying to live a somewhat normal life.There are thousands of us that have had to give up  jobs and spend most of the day in bed because we have so much pain. With the proper treatment some of us can continue to work and have a better life. I know that without my medication I would be one of those people who would only be able to spend my days in bed. My meds do not take away all of pain but at least I can do some of the things I need to do. Not a lot of the things I want to do though. I wake up through the night in so much pain. I wake up most mornings in tears until I take my medication and it starts working. So I can relate to the stories here and they do break my heart.  
I have a lot of work to do and a lot of facts to gather so if anyone would like to help me with this it would be great!  
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Hi remar. I've wanted to get one together too. As it stands now I have to feel better than will be happy to help. About 6 weeks ago I was in hospital with sepsis came home still sick than last 2 weeks I have a bad staph infection.In addition to normal daily pain. But yes I would love to help. Keep me posted on what you have done and how I can help. Pm me anytime
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I'm so very sorry that you're so sick. I hope the staph infection gets better soon.
Can you say what kind of chronic pain you have. I mean the reason why you have it? Are you being treated properly and getting the correct amount of medication?
It's wonderful to know there are other people who want to make a difference in this war against drugs.
I'm going to send you a PM right now.
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Hi newrich.   :)

I think of you and what you are going thru x and I was just wondering how you're doing?  Was wondering what you and your Doctor's decided about the Steroid shots and whether you decided to try them and IF you did what type of results you got (wonderful results, I hope, it you tried them) as well as how you were able to combat any additional sugar problems that may have occurred.

Hoping everything is good with j you and your overall pain has improved, at least some.  :)

Thinking of you.   .......         Sherry   :)  
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