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Percocet withdrawal

I had been denied percocet because I had a false negative test.  I went from Monday through Friday without any.  I had the withdrawal symptoms that I found on other web sites.  My question is;  I started the percocets again on Friday.  I took two that day.  I have been taking the prescribed 4 a day since.  I still have some of the withrawal symptoms and am wondering, does the drug need to build up in my system again?  I'm having frequent bowel movements and still feel shakey, skin crawling sensations, headache, grouchy.  I don't know if this is from emotions and still being shaken or if it is the meds.
Thanks for being here.
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Hi Again Curiouswizard,

You've asked a good questions and one that I cannot answer with certainty. I would think that this being the third day back on the Percocet that any withdrawal symptoms would have disappeared by now.

The community that will be able to provide you with a better response based on experience would be the Substance Abuse Forum. Please do not think that I am insinuating that you have a substance problem, I don't. We are aware of the problems you had with your refill. It is just a fact the the SA Community is generally more knowable with withdrawal symptoms and issues than the PM Community.

Sorry you are still not feeling well. I hope you will soon be feeling better.

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I'm glad you are able to restart the medications.  I couldn't imagine living in such horrible pain without any help.  I, too, hope you start feeling better soon.
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Thanks once again.  I will ask there.  Maybe I just need more time to recover from the infection too.  
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i just saw and responded to your post on the addiction community but also wanted to reply here because you also mentioned something in this thread that i didnt see on the other..you mentioned your infection..i forgot you had that..are you on antibiotics for it? That would explain the prolonged diarrhea perhaps. Even if its not the reason, as i stated in the other forum, i believe it could still be lingering WD symptoms as Ive had it happen myself when i would relapse or was still in active addiction and got more pills again. It would take a couple days sometimes to feel "normal" again after having gone through severe WD.  So I think it's probably that, combined with general anxiety from the whole situation. HOpe you feel better soon.
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Hello and thank you all for all the support;  I had been on antibiotics.  Just made a call to PCP for another round of them.  I think because that was also a false negative result and was sick with it for weeks before diagnoses I need more treatment.  I feel a bit of relief fromt the withdrawals.  I'm pretty certain now that is what it is.  How awful for anybody.  I do have anxiety too.  I suffer from post traumatic stress disorder.  
At 2 yrs. old I had my arm mostly ripped off by a wringer washer.  The docs saved the arm.  That's the one I had the shoulder replaced on.  I was molested by an uncle at 4 shortly after my parents separated.  Prior to that 3 of us were in some sort of foster care prison that I can just barely remember.  Mom had many boyfriends.  One set her car on fire.  One left her in the middle of a street unconcious  on a bus route.  She married the worst of them.  He abused her physically and emotionally.  The first time he hit me I was 11 and he smacked me across the head, sent me reeling into another room where a wall stopped me, I slid down the wall and peed myself.  By the time I was 15 the abuse turned into sexual abuse of me.  Physical, emotional, sexual...does it get any better?  He was abusing my mom so bad after trying to grab at me while she was in the other room.  I finally told her about it.  She left him.  She let him back after a week.  She stabbed him a week later.  He woke us one night with her screams.  I ran upstairs, saw him stomping and stomping on her face and he slapped his infant daughter across the crib because she was screaming.  I jumped on his back with my arm around his neck.  My younger brother and sister came and I told them to pull me to get him off her, he kept stomping on her face.  When he ran out my mom asked me to pick her eye up for the doctors to put it back in.  I fished around in the blood on the floor in vain.  I was wrist deep in blood and could not find her eye.  Fortunately it was still in her head, I just couldn't tell.  In court his attorney was an elected official that is a corrupt midget.  He was treated like a king.  We were treated to the worst of the judicial system.  He was released.  He then shot my older brother as he was trying to run away from him.  I can go on and on.  This is just the frosting of the cake that is my life.  I've raised two wonderful children and have four terrific grandsons.  Life has only been good for the last few years and even this is scarred by my husband and my pain and suffering.  We try to enjoy life with a bit of gardening and caring for our dogs and kids.  The compassion here is heartwarming.  I thank you all for listening and hearing me.  I hope I can help others here too.
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wow Im so sorry you endured so much abuse and misery. I hope that you can separate it now and look at it as a "former life" or "past life" even to put more distance btwn then and now. Did you ever go to counseling for it?  Im glad to know you have your own children and grandkids now and a better life. WIshing you a happy thanksgiving {{{hugs}}}
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We are so grateful to be where we are trouble.  I give thanks everyday for the small comforts that we never thought we'd have.  Growing up poor is difficult, growing up abused is not something I would wish on anyone.  We all feel slighted by something I suppose but, the best thing to do is to keep doing your best.  If you are hurt it's so difficult to not hurt another nor yourself.  To learn from the past is easy.  

I have had counseling.  At different times of difficulty over the years.  It's often difficult to go to another and repeat all the stories again.  Have even felt I shocked a few of them with my story.  Overall, I'm grateful for my life and how far we've come from "those" days.  Finding peace in my gardens is more than I ever dreamed of.  

I've walked away from many family members, including 3 sisters that tried to abuse our pain meds.  That was easy and the most difficult thing to do too.  Bottom line, you are your best friend.  If disrespected once, shame on them, twice, shame on me, three times and they are out.  

Thanks to you for allowing me to vent while I'm trying to get through this.  I hope your turkey is moist, the smiles abundant and the laughter from the belly.  Happy Thanksgiving!
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can i mix cipro which i take for a uti and 5mg oxycdone???
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