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Pregnant with under managed pain

I am in a tough situation. I am 5 months pregnant and suffer daily from"fybromyalgia". I have a Pain Specialists that has agreed to treat me while I'm pregnant but the 1, 5mg percocet every 12 hours is not touching my pain. A good say for me with just little pain would require about 6 percocet a day. With my most recent pregnancy my PCP had me at that dose and I managed fairly well. My problem is that because I metabolize meds faster than most because I'm pregnant so how do I get good pain management?
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I feel for you.  I have fibromyalgia as well, though only one really bad flare-up in the last few years (though it was a very long flare.)  I didn't get it until after my last pregnancy and can't imagine dealing with it while pregnant.

There is a member here who was on medication with her last pregnancy.  Hopefully she'll see your post and respond.  Her issue isn't fibromyalgia, but I'm sure she might have some suggestions.

Best of luck.  Hope you let us know how you make out.
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Hi, I am also a fellow fibromyalgia sufferer who is pregnant!! I just found your post and am wondering how your pregnancies went? were your babies healthy? what did you find helpful throughout your pregnancy? I hope you were able to get some help and that you are feeling better now.
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Hi daybreak,

This is an old post (a year old) and the poster isn't around anymore. Sorry.  If you would like to re-post your question just go to the top of the page and we'd be happy to try to help you. :)

Thanks.........Sherry :)
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I also want to point out that you may get some better responses on the pregnancy forum as well.  
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